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Doublestrike grants a character a chance to make an additional attack with their main hand weapon any time they make a main hand melee attack. The additional roll is made on the target of the initial attack. Doublestrike only applies to melee attacks. (Similar effect for ranged attacks is called Doubleshot.)

Doublestrike was introduced as part of the Update 5 combat changes. Many attack speed bonuses were converted to Doublestrike effects at that time.

  • Doublestrike affects your main-hand weapons. See below for information about off-hand doublestrike.
  • Increasing Doublestrike above 100% does not provide any additional benefit.

Since Update 45, many Cleave attacks can now doublestrike.

See also: Doubleshot

Hover over the Attack Speed icon on the character sheet to view your Doublestrike chance

Sources of Doublestrike[edit]

Morale bonus[edit]

Most bonuses from equipment are Morale bonuses; only the highest Morale bonus will apply.

  • Medusa Fury, found on weapons derived from the Blade of Fury, grants a +5% Morale bonus to Doublestrike when the wielder is below 25% hitpoints.
  • The Henshin Mystic ability, Quick Strikes, gives a maximum 25% Morale bonus for 10 seconds.
  • In Monk Wind Stance, the completed Way of the Sun Soul set grants a 6% Morale bonus to Doublestrike for 10 seconds with a natural 20 on an attack roll confirmed as a critical hit. This and other benefits of the ability cannot trigger more than once every twenty seconds.
  • Killer (Assassin, DWS): up to +20

Insight bonus[edit]

Enhancement bonus[edit]

Only the highest enhancement bonus to Doublestrike applies.

  • Whirlwind, a Ranger Tempest core enhancement, grants a +5% enhancement bonus to Doublestrike while dual wielding.
  • The activated Celerity enhancement grants a +30%/+40%/+50% enhancement bonus to Doublestrike for 15 seconds with a cooldown of 5 minutes.
  • The Legendary Dreadnought Tier 4 ability Lightning Mace grants a +15% enhancement bonus to Doublestrike for 6 seconds when you crit with a Club, Greatclub, Heavy Mace, Light Mace, Morningstar, or Quarterstaff in your main hand.
  • Doublestrike items
  • Alchemical Crafting Tier 2 Martial Air effect includes a +6% bonus to Doublestrike.

Other typed bonus[edit]


Untyped bonuses stack.

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Sources of Off-hand Doublestrike[edit]