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Expansion Pack

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Expansion Packs are collections of quests and wilderness areas that are connected by theme, location and/or story line. Some of the content can be played individually, while some forms a chain that can or must be run together, often for a special end-reward. Unlike Adventure Packs, VIPs do not have free access to expansion packs.

Expansion packs are purchased individually for an account from the DDO Market or in the DDO Store using DDO Points (usually about 3 months after released in the DDO Market). (Guest Passes are also available for most packs, but the buyer must already own that pack to purchase a guest pass.)

When choosing an expansion pack, you may want to consider:

  • A source of XP: Some packs provide better XP than F2P quests.
  • Named Loot: Newer packs tend to have better loot, and some packs offer their own crafting system. But some older packs have classic items.
  • Fun and variety: Do you need a change of pace from what you currently run?
  • Popularity: How often do you see LFM's for these quests in the Social Panel, or in your Guild?
  • Favor*: Total and/or specific Patron.
  • Sagas: Some packs include a Saga, some don't, some are only part of one.
  • Timing: It's generally better to buy a pack just over your current level, so you can get full experience from it, instead of waiting until you reincarnate. This may not be true if you're just buying a pack for Favor.
  • Races or Classes: Expansion packs (excluding mini-expansions) have an option to get access to a new race, class, and/or iconic.
  • Cosmetics: Packs, at the upper price points, include (sometimes exclusive) cosmetics, pets, or mounts.
  • Sales: Weekly DDO Sales start every Thursday, are usually 20-30% off, and rarely as high as 50%. Not all weekly sales contain sales on Adventure Packs. Sales are announced in the forums. The three big yearly sale events are Summer Sail Sale (in July), Black Friday Sale (late November), and the Midwinter Holiday Sale (starting mid-late December), when discounts of 35-50% are common, and occasionally even larger.
    • Since 2020, SSG have given free quests codes yearly. While such a quest code is active, certain expansions are made available in the DDO Store for 99DP each. To date, Menace of the Underdark, Shadowfell Conspiracy, Mists of Ravenloft and Masterminds of Sharn have been given out this way.
Name of the pack Released Levels DDO Points Total favor Favor per 100 DP
Menace of the Underdark Update 14 (Jun 25, 2012) 19/21-24 2,495 369 15
Shadowfell Conspiracy Update 19 (Aug 19, 2013) 15-19/26-27 2,495 216 9
Mists of Ravenloft Update 37 (Dec 6, 2017) 10-12/31-32 2,495 240 10
Masterminds of Sharn Update 42 (May 14, 2019) 15-16/32 2,495 327 13
Fables of the Feywild Update 48 (Nov 5, 2020) 5-6/32 2,495 168 7
Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh Update 50.3 (Sep 4, 2021) 3/32 1,999 90 5
The Isle of Dread Update 55 (Jun 22, 2022) 7-8/33-34 3,995 180 5
Vecna Unleashed Update 61 (Aug 16, 2023) 18/34 1,999 264 13