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Alchemists are a new class coming to DDO in 2019 (Update 44). It's a full spell-casting class with unique spell book; 90+ spells. They cast spells in a different manner that other classes. When not casting, they are a range-throwing hybrid, throwing darts, poison darts. Alchemists are elementalists + poison damage. Intelligence-based.

  • throwing flasks
  • poisoner - poison your weapons
  • one more tree (buffing and healing tree)
  • concoction they can mix and give to their friends; with powerful short-term effects
  • all new spells

Enhancement trees[edit]

  • Apothecary enhancements - support and healing
  • Bombardier enhancements - spell DPS
  • Vile Chemist enhancements - poisons and debuffs

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