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Two Handed Fighting

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Icon Feat Two Handed Fighting.png
Two Handed Fighting


While fighting with a two-handed weapon you gain a +2 Combat Style bonus to Melee Power and +60% Strikethrough chance. While using a two-handed weapon (not including Bastard Sword or Dwarven Axe), your Ability Score bonus to damage improves to 2x the Ability Score you use for damage. Bastard Swords and Dwarven Axes increase to 1.1x instead.

  • For the purpose of this feat, you are considered to be two-handed fighting while using a two-handed melee weapon (not including Handwraps).
  • You are also considered to be two-handed fighting while wielding a Bastard Sword or Dwarven axe in your main hand and a Shield, Orb, Rune Arm, or Nothing in your off-hand.
  • You are not considered to be two-handed fighting while in Wild Shape.


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