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Guild Airship

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Outside View of Airship Showroom

A Guild Airship is a private area in the game where access is limited only to guild members (and any guests who are temporarily invited there). Access to airships is available via various points in each area of the game.

An airship provides 2 main advantages to characters who can visit them, guild members and invitees alike – faster movement around the different areas of Stormreach and beyond, and various ship amenities, which must be custom-added by guild Officers.

A guild does not start off with an airship – they are optional, and must be purchased with platinum or Astral Shards. A guild can acquire a guild airship from the airship vendor in the western area of the Harbor, just south of the Auctioneer. There are a number of different models, and many have different Guild Levels required to purchase them. Some models can be purchased with Platinum, but others can only be purchased with Astral Shards – these tend to be larger (allowing more amenities) than the equivalent models purchased with platinum.

Airship Showroom[edit]

The Airship Showroom is located in the center of the west edge of The Harbor, adjacent to the Airship Portal there. (On your map, it appears as a green star.) Here (and only here), airships can be viewed, purchased and/or upgraded. Note that only Guild Officers (including the Leader) can purchase or upgrade an airship, although once you have one any member can contribute platinum or astral shards, which may be used later to upgrade your current ship to something more desirable.

Once inside the showroom, speak to one of the two NPC Airship Vendors (Vordrik d'Lyrandar), and you can scroll through the various models available. You can also deposit platinum and/or astral shards (both non-refundable!) to the Guild's account, which are required to make the purchase itself. These vendors will also show you how many Shards and/or Platinum your various guildmates have currently contributed on deposit toward a ship.

Once you select the model you want (and there is enough on deposit to purchase it), the "Upgrade" button will be highlighted, and you can press that to make your purchase.

With any purchase or upgrade, you are also immediately asked to (re-)name your ship. This is free, but the name must be chosen before leaving the vendor.

Embarking and disembarking[edit]

In many city zones, there is an airship tower that may be used to board Guild Airships. They also serve as the disembarkation point when leaving the Airship. Airships may be disembarked by talking with the captain and selecting a location on the menu, by using the teleport spell, or simply by jumping over the edge. Depending on the amenities selected, airships may also be crewed with Navigators or equipped with Farshifter's Chambers which allow more destinations.

† After a long, long fall, you will land in a random location somewhere around Stormreach – often the Harbor (possibly in the water itself) or Market, but not always. Landing in water is safe (once you surface), but anywhere else will usually be enough kill most characters. Feather Falling is recommended to avoid this inconvenience.

Airship Beacons (see below) can also be used to travel to your Guild Airship.

To invite a character who is not a member of the guild, you need to board your airship, group with them, right click on their portrait in the group list, and select 'Invite to Airship'. This gives that character temporary access to your Guild Airship, and can be done even if the character is a member of a different guild. Note that this command only works if that character is near an airship tower or beacon (note that it will not work if the character is near an NPC that offers teleportation to an airship.)

Airship towers[edit]

Airship towers are your main access to and exit point from Guild Airships. There are a number of them throughout Stormreach, one in most of the major city zones. All towers have similar architecture and are very tall, and so can usually be spotted from quite a long way off. On your map, they are marked with a lime-green anchor, which shows on mouse-hover as "Airship Access".

Airship Towers are located in:

Note that a tower can be seen from House Cannith towards the southeast, but is inaccessible.

There are also several locations that do not have a visible tower, but still provide access. Airships can also be boarded at:


Icon DDOStore AirshipBeacon.png

A Guild Airship Beacon is a purchasable item from the DDO Store allowing you to open a portal (except from within Raid Dungeons) for you and others to go to your Guild Airship. Non-Guild Members can be sent an invite so they can partake of your Guild Airship amenities.

Step or Jump Off[edit]

You can reach several locations if you jump/step off the airship from different points.


  • Note to Free To Play players – Airships cost a minimum of 50,000 platinum (or 500,000 gold). Free-to-Play characters have a money cap, so if buying with platinum, rather than Astral Shards, a character must be Level 7 or higher to hold enough platinum to purchase the cheapest ship (@ 50k pp), Level 10 to purchase the next cheapest (@ 360k pp), and Level 12 or higher to purchase any others. Since there is no Astral Shard cap, a character of any level can hold and spend the AS to buy ships with that currency. Alternatively you can also place platinum within Guild Deposit in small increments until the figure reaches the Ship model fee.
Name Hull

Cost in
pp or AS
Extra Features

Windspyre Sparrow Classic
Level 10 50k pp 1 + Cargo bay 4 0 1 bacon.
This rugged, nimble model will get you into the air.
Windspyre Falcon Forcastled
Level 40 360k pp 1 + Cargo bay 7 1 2 Bacon.
Sensible navigation deck and roomy holds; a reliable classic.
Windspyre Gryphon Classic
Level 70 1,800k pp 2 + Cargo bay 10 2 3 Bacon, 2 Crew Quarters.
One of Lyrandar's oldest hull designs. A true work-ox.
Volant Signet Cloudfort Level 100 1,850k pp 2 + Cargo bay 15 3 4 Bacon, Crew Quarters, Hot Tub.
Bold 'Sharn' style foc's'le and high swooping navigation deck.
Volant Manifest Levistage Level 130 1,900k pp 3 + Cargo bay 18 4 5 Bacon, 3 Crew Quarters, Hot Tub.
Planar-resonanced windspars afford its size and elegance.
Volant Alcazar Grand
Level 150 1,950k pp 3 + Cargo bay 22 5 6 Bacon, 2 Crew Quarters, 2 Hot Tubs.
Only two extant models boast the distinctive double rings.
Stormglory Bolt Pinioned
Level 1 1,000 AS 1 + Cargo bay 5 1 2 Bacon.
What it lacks in size, it makes up for in spry elegance.
Stormglory Tempest Arc-Leaf
Level 1 1,650 AS 1 + Cargo bay 8 2 3 Bacon.
Its much-admired graceful curves are behind its aerodynamics.
Stormglory Typhoon Advanced
Level 1 2,000 AS 2 + Cargo bay 13 3 3 Bacon, Crew Quarters, Hot Tub.
Before new ship lines arrived, it was king of the skies.
Daedalean Glaive Cloudfort Level 1 2,650 AS 2 + Cargo bay 16 4 4 Bacon, Crew Quarters, Hot Tub.
The 'Cloudfort hull receives an opulent upgrade.
Daedalean Trefoil Levistage Level 1 3,300 AS 3 + Cargo bay 20 5 5 Bacon, 2 Crew Quarters, 2 Hot Tubs.
In its own class for sky worthiness. A grand behemoth.
Daedalean Kraken Grand
Level 1 4,000 AS 4 + Cargo bay 26 7 6 Bacon, 1 Ham, 3 Crew Quarters, 3 Hot Tubs.
The two-ringed engine's raw power, in true luxury.


Airships can be given a name after purchase by talking to one of the Airship Vendors in the Airship Showroom. The first (re)name is free. Afterwards, renaming an airship costs 18 AS.

Known issues with Airship names:

Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source on July 22, 2014

We are investigating an issue where airships purchased prior to the release of Update 22 may not be seeing their first guild airship rename to be free. Additionally, there is an issue with some folks who have incorrect ship names (like a string table error) being unable to get a free airship rename. We hope to get this issue fixed for Update 23.


The main function of the amenities is to provide various buffs to guild members before questing. Many of the various buffs offered are typed as Guild bonus so they stack with the more common Enhancement bonuses (and also with the older Legacy buffs, which can be emplaced in the Cargo Hold). However, some amenities can also provide convenient services, such as mail, banking, vendors, and even crafting facilities. Each Amenity is acquired and placed separately, so the amenities each airship offers can be completely customized, although top-level guilds tend to have (almost?) all possible amenities available.

Level Duration
1 3 hours
35 3.5 hours
55 4 hours
90 4.5 hours
125 5 hours

Post-U22 amenities occupy either Hold rooms (smaller) or State rooms (larger). Some amenities may be purchased with platinum while others must be purchased with Astral Shards. Once purchased, the amenities do not expire like pre-U22 amenities. Amenities may be swapped in and out as desired, and are not lost if removed or replaced. Unlike pre-U22 amenities, they do not have to be visited individually to be acquired; there is now an "amenity bar", a clock-work device conveniently located centrally on the main deck, that will apply all available buffs when used. Post-U22 buffs do not disappear on death, unlike pre-U22 buffs. These buffs start with 3 hours duration and raises up to 5 hours depending on guild level (as shown in the table, right). The duration timer is paused while you are in a non-combat area.

(Bug: The in-game list of Guild Rewards states that the final duration increase is at level 140; however, it actually kicks in at 125.)

Amenities have different minimum guild-level requirements. As a guild progresses, guild Officers can improve the airship by adding newly available amenities, and can also replace the airship with a larger model that holds more amenities. Some amenities can also be upgraded, replacing lesser versions with improved ones that offer a higher bonus in the same category. Some groups of smaller amenities (those fitting in several Hold rooms) can be replaced with single larger amenities (occupying one State room) that combine the effects of all the smaller amenities.

Before placement, amenities take the form of "deeds", items that take 1 storage slot in a backpack, bank or storage chest. After placement, they become visible somewhere on the airship. Taking the form of some colorful room or another. Some amenities can be purchased with platinum, others only with Astral Shards, although they can also (rarely) be found as drop-loot from chests in quests (and so also irregularly in either the Auction House or Shard Exchange). Although anyone can acquire an amenity deed from a chest or by Auction, only Officers can install (or move/uninstall) Amenities on a Guild airship. Not all amenities seem to drop as loot, see list: Guild Airships/List of amenities available from quests.

Amenities details[edit]

Different amenities can fit only into different "hook points" on an Airship. The hook points are represented by different rooms on the ship, and different models of airships have different numbers of small or large rooms for large or small amenities.

  • Hold Room Hook Point – Small Room
  • State Room Hook Points – Large Room
  • Cargo Hold – Small hook points, Large Hook Points, Crew Hook Points (compatible with pre-U22 amenities)

The bonuses of many amenities scale based on Character Level, and are listed in the format "A/B/C", where A, B & C are the numeric values of the bonuses. Any bonus that cannot be divided by 3 does not scale at level cap.

  • [A/B/C]
    • A = Level 1–10
    • B = Level 11–20
    • C = Level 21–30

Elemental Absorption and the experience bonus from the Shrine of Experience do not scale, as they are increased manually by upgrading amenities. Other bonuses may or may not scale – please verify.

Tiered amenities are upgraded one by one, so that you have to pay cumulative cost for the higher tier. For example, to get a Shrine of Experience V, you have to pay 1,510 (95 + 195 + 325 + 400 + 495) AS, not 495 AS.

Amenities deeds[edit]

Otto's Irresistable Dancehall Deed

Airship Amenity Deeds can appear in quest arc end reward lists (the drop rate is quite low...). They can also rarely be found in treasure chests.

  • Amenity Deeds which can appear are normally purchasable with Astral Shards, from the First Mate on the airship.
  • Deeds are inventory items that can be used by anyone in a guild to add the corresponding amenity to the guild's available deed inventory. (This does not add that amenity to the ship itself – see next.)
  • Amenities will not automatically show up on the airship. An officer would still need to actually place the amenity on a hookpoint.
  • Deeds for an amenity your guild already has will not be consumed and remain in your inventory.
  • Upgradable tiers of amenities must have previous tier available through deeds or purchase, before an Amenity Deed can be used. For example, you cannot place Grand Reliquary III without Grand Reliquary I and II. Upgrades are purchased at the placed amenity, not via the First Mate.
  • Airship Amenities deeds are listed under Miscellaneous in both the Auction House and Shard Exchange.

Amenities list[edit]

Type Size Guild Level Cost (PP) Cost (AS) Description
Sign of the Silver Flame I* Hold Room 10 50,000   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Fire Resistance, and Fire/Light Spell Power
Shrine to the Devourer I* Hold Room 10 50,000   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Resistances and Spell Power
Stormreaver Memorial I* Hold Room 10 50,000   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resistances and Spell Power
Shrine of Experience I Hold Room 10   95 +1% Guild bonus to experience from quests
The Orien Express Hold Room 10   60 Auction House
Three Finger Thad's Hold Room 10 50,000   General Vendor
Armor Pawn Broker
Weapons Pawn Broker
Clothing Pawn Broker (offers clickies in roughly 40% of cases)
Farshifter's Chambers Hold Room 11   90 Access to a Stormreach Teleporter. (Note that this is one-way only; you can choose to end up at any destination Teleporter, but you can't get back to the ship via one.)
Trathimis the Farshifter gives access to other locations, via the amenity or via the ship's Captain, Anceia d'Lyrandar, well beyond the default locations the Captain offers. Destination list is similar to those of Cargo Hold Farshifter NPCs.
Chronoscope Hold Room 12 60,000   +[1/2/3] Guild bonus to Reflex saving throws
+40% Enhancement bonus to movement speed while in public areas (Does not stack with Phiarlan's Pendant of Time or Haste).
Sellswords' Tavern Hold Room 13   150 Barkeep
+[4/8/12] to PRR and MRR of hirelings, pets, and summoned/charmed creatures.
Hireling Vendors Levels 4-Epic
Bath House State Room 14 70,000   +20 Healing Amplification
Range of Unconsciousness +[5/10/15]
-10% damage while helpless
Floating Rock Garden Hold Room 15 75,000   +2 Strength
+2 Wisdom
Paradoxical Puzzle Box Hold Room 16 80,000   +2 Dexterity
+2 Intelligence
Old Sully's Grog Cellar Hold Room 17 85,000   +2 Charisma
+2 Constitution
Throne Room Hold Room 18   180 +[1/2/3] to Bluff, Diplomacy, Haggle, Intimidate, Listen
Guild Storage I Hold Room 19   150 Gain four storage chests, capacity 20 slots each (for 80 slots total). Two can be used by any guild members, and two are limited to access by Guild officers only.
Shrine of Experience II Hold Room 20   195 Upgrade +2% Guild bonus to experience from quests.
Tactical Training Room* Hold Room 21 105,000   +[2/4/6] Damage on critical hits (before multiplier)
+1 bonus to the DC of Trip, Sunder, and Slicing blow feats
+2 To-Hit with physical attacks.
Danger Room Hold Room 22   180 +[1/2/3] to Disable Device, Hide, Open Lock, Search, Spot
Forbidden Library Hold Room 23   195 +[1/2/3] to Concentration, Heal, Repair, Spellcraft, Use Magic Device
Archery Range* Hold Room 24 120,000   Seasoned Archer: +2% Guild bonus to Doubleshot
Deneith Ammunition Vendor
Ammunition Vendor
Masterwork Bolts (no arrows though)
Armory* Hold Room 25 125,000   +[2/4/6] Guild bonus to Armor Class
+[5%/10%/15%] Fortification
Repair Vendor (half-price repairs)
Vendor Items: Adamantine Maul (50k pp), Lumps of Coal
Otto's Irresistible Dancehall Hold Room 26   180 +[1/2/3] to Balance, Jump, Move Silently, Perform, Swim, Tumble
Crusader's Chapel* Hold Room 27 135,000   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Positive/Negative Spell Power
Divine Vendor
Arcane Sanctum* Hold Room 28 140,000   +1 Guild bonus to Saves vs. Enchantments
+25 Guild bonus to Maximum Spell Points
+1 Spell Penetration
Arcane Vendor
Trapsmith's Workshop* Hold Room 29 145,000   +5% Fortification Bypass
Trapsmith Vendor
Shrine of Experience III Hold Room 30   325 Upgrade +3% Guild bonus to experience from quests.
Wild Grove* Hold Room 31 155,000   +2 Extra Wild Empathy per rest
+[1/2/3] to all ability scores for hirelings, pets, and summoned/charmed creatures.
Grandmaster's Dojo* Hold Room 32 160,000   +2 Will Save
+1 DC to Stunning, Sap, and Hamstring
Proving Ground State Room 34 170,000   Provides bonuses from Tactical Training Room, Archery Range, Armory, & Grandmaster's Dojo. (i.e. +2 Will Save, +[2/4/6] Guild bonus to Armor Class, +[5%/10%/15%] Fortification, +2% Guild bonus to Doubleshot, +[2/4/6] Damage on Critical Hits, +1 DC to Trip, Sunder, Slicing Blow, Stunning, Sap, and Hamstring, +2 To-hit with physical attacks, Deneith Ammunition Vendor, Ammunition Vendor, Repair Vendor (half-price repairs).)
Collegium of the Twelve State Room 35 175,000   Provides bonuses from Crusader's Chapel, Arcane Sanctum, Trapsmith's Workshop, & Wild Grove. (i.e. +2 Extra Wild Empathy per rest, +3 to all ability scores for summoned/charmed creatures, +5% Fortification Bypass. +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Positive and Negative Spell Power, +1 Guild bonus to Saves vs. Enchantments, +25 Guild bonus to Maximum Spell Points, +1 Spell Penetration, Divine vendor, Trapsmith vendor, Arcane vendor.)
Bash the Breakables Cargo Bay Hold Room 36 180,000   +1 Guild bonus to the level of your treasure from chests.
Black Abbot's Shadow Hold Room 33 165,000   +1 use per rest of Turn Undead, Lay on Hands, and Smite Evil
Against Evil Creatures: +4 Deflection bonus, +1 Enhancement bonus to Saving Throws (Does not stack with Protection from Evil).
Banquet Hall Hold Room 37   75 Spirit Binder
Press Amenity bar (in room on or top deck) to regain Hit Points and Spell Points very quickly.
Concert Hall Hold Room 38 190,000   +1 Guild bonus to save vs. Enchantments
+1 Extra Bard Song per day
+1 Extra Action Boost per day
Archwizard Hold Room 39 195,000   +1 Guild bonus to Difficulty Checks of your spells.
Green Steel Crafting Hall State Room 40 200,000   Altar of Fecundity, Altar of Invasion, Altar of Subjugation, Altar of Devastation
Shrine of Experience IV Hold Room 40   400 Upgrade +4% Guild bonus to experience from quests.
Cannith Crafting Hall State Room 41   125 Item Deconstructor
Crafting Device – Bound Shards
Crafting Device – Unbound Shards
Crafting Device – Bound Items
Crafting Device – Unbound Items
Jannice d'Cannith (Cannith crafting vendor)
Game Hunter Hold Room 42 210,000   +[1/2/3] Fortitude Saves
+5% damage to helpless enemies
Fencing Master Hold Room 43 215,000   +2% Guild bonus to Character Maximum Dodge
Guild bonus to Maximum dexterity bonus to armor.
Ninja Assassin Hold Room 44 220,000   +0.25(W) Weapon Damage
+6 To-Hit bonus when Flanking
Hag Apothecary Hold Room 45 225,000   +20 Maximum HP
+1 Fortitude Saves vs. Poison
+1 Fortitude Saves vs. Disease
Guild Storage II Hold Room 50   125 Upgrade Upgrade each of your four storage chests to hold 40 items each.
Grand Reliquary I State Room 55   180 Provides bonuses for Sign of the Silver Flame, Shrine to the Devourer, and Stormreaver Memorial. (i.e. +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Light/Sonic Resistances and Spell Power.)
Shrine of Experience V Hold Room 60   495 Upgrade +5% Guild bonus to experience from quests.
Sign of the Silver Flame II* Hold Room 65 325,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Fire Resistance and Fire/Light Spell Power.
+5% Guild bonus to Fire Absorption
Shrine to the Devourer II* Hold Room 70 350,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Resistances, and Spell Power.
+5% Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Absorption
Guild Storage III Hold Room 75   95 Upgrade Upgrade each of your four storage chests to hold 60 items each.
Stormreaver Memorial II* Hold Room 80 400,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resistances and Spell Power.
+5% Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Absorption
Grand Reliquary II State Room 85   275 Upgrade Provides bonuses for Sign of the Silver Flame, Shrine to the Devourer, and Stormreaver Memorial. (i.e. +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sonic Resistances and Spell Power, +5% Guild bonus to Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sonic Absorption.)
Sign of the Silver Flame III* Hold Room 90 450,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Fire Resistance and Fire/Light Spell Power.
+10% Guild bonus to Fire Absorption
Shrine to the Devourer III* Hold Room 95 475,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Resistances and Spell Power.
+10% Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Absorption
Guild Storage IV Hold Room 100   55 Upgrade Upgrade each of your four storage chests to hold 80 items each.
Stormreaver Memorial III* Hold Room 110 550,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resistances and Spell Power.
+10% Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Absorption
Grand Reliquary III State Room 120   325 Upgrade Provides bonuses for Sign of the Silver Flame, Shrine to the Devourer, and Stormreaver Memorial. (i.e. +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sonic Resistances and Spell Power, +10% Guild bonus to Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sonic Absorption.)
Guild Storage V Hold Room 125   15 Upgrade Upgrade each of your four storage chests to hold 100 items each.
Sign of the Silver Flame IV* Hold Room 125 625,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Fire Resistance and Fire/Light Spell Power, +15% Guild bonus to Fire Absorption
Shrine to the Devourer IV* Hold Room 130 650,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Resistances, and Acid/Cold Spell Power.
+15% Guild bonus to Acid/Cold Absorption
Stormreaver Memorial IV* Hold Room 140 700,000 Upgrade   +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Resistances and Spell Power.
+15% Guild bonus to Sonic/Electricity Absorption
Grand Reliquary IV State Room 150   395 Upgrade Provides bonuses for Sign of the Silver Flame, Shrine to the Devourer, and Stormreaver Memorial. (i.e. +[5/10/15] Guild bonus to Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sonic Resistances and Spell Power, 15% Guild bonus to Acid/Cold/Electricity/Fire/Sonic Absorption.)
* Indicates that this amenity is also available through a consolidated State Room amenity (see next section, below).

Room consolidation[edit]

Hold Rooms
34 Proving
  • Tactical Training Room (21)
  • Archery Range (24)
  • Armory (25)
  • Grandmaster's Dojo (32)
35 Collegium of
the Twelve
  • Crusader's Chapel (27)
  • Arcane Sanctum (28)
  • Trapsmith's Workshop (29)
  • Wild Grove (31)
55 Grand
Reliquary I
  • Sign of the Silver Flame I (10)
  • Shrine to the Devourer I (10)
  • Stormreaver Memorial I (10)
85 Grand
Reliquary II
  • Sign of the Silver Flame II (65)
  • Shrine to the Devourer II (70)
  • Stormreaver Memorial II (80)
120 Grand
Reliquary III
  • Sign of the Silver Flame III (90)
  • Shrine to the Devourer III (95)
  • Stormreaver Memorial III (110)
150 Grand
Reliquary IV
  • Sign of the Silver Flame IV (125)
  • Shrine to the Devourer IV (130)
  • Stormreaver Memorial IV (140)

Starting at Guild Level 34 (with the Proving Ground), State Room amenities can be purchased which combine the functions of multiple Hold Rooms into a single amenity, potentially freeing up Hold Room hook points for other uses.

To achieve this consolidation, an airship must have an open slot for a State Room.

Note that these three State Rooms...

  • Lvl 14 Bath House
  • Lvl 40 Green Steel Crafting Hall
  • Lvl 41 Cannith Crafting Hall

...provide unique services, and are not consolidations of Hold Rooms.

Room Requirements[edit]

There are a total of 23 Hold Rooms that are not consolidated into other rooms. The Grand Reliquary consolidates the Shrine of the Silver Flame, the Shrine to the Devourer, and the Stormreaver Memorial, but these can be upgraded to provide increased bonuses before the Grand Reliquary is upgraded. So you may need 23 or 26 hold rooms for maximum bonus.

There are a total of 6 State Rooms (or 5 plus the Grand Reliquary).

The Daedalean Kraken can thus fit every room (26 Holds + 5 State Rooms or 23 Holds + 6 State Rooms), and is the only airship able to do so.

Historic amenities[edit]

Airship amenities used to use a different system – in U22, Guild Airships were changed. However, those amenities are still available should Guild Officers desire them – and there are several that could still be useful, depending – your mileage may vary.

Consequently, there are two classes of amenities, pre-U22 and post-U22. Pre-U22 amenities occupied "crew", "small", or "large" hookpoints. Pre-U22 amenities are rented by purchasing contracts which last for a number of real-life days. Buffs last one hour of clock time and disappear on character death. These continue to function as previously but are now located in the cargo hold.

Originally Posted by Vargouille Source on June 10, 2014

All old amenities remain available for purchase with Update 22, and can be used in the cargo hold, so for now you can still get at these chests and items as you've always been able to.

Pre U22 Cargo hold contracts.

Originally Posted by Vargouille Source on July 9, 2014

We currently expect cargo hold contracts to continue to be available until Update 23 at least.

Since Update 45, old amenities that grant elemental resistance or stat boosts are no longer sold.

Cosmetic customization[edit]

Some parts of the airship can be recolored using dyes from the DDO Store. They are permanent until a new dye is used. They can only be applied by Guild Officers and Guild Leaders. To apply, stand on your airship and use the dye.

PLEASE NOTE – currently the following items / upgrades will disappear if ship applied to is upgraded

Guilds & Airships[edit]

Airship Color Changes[edit]

Elemental Ring Hull Paint Interior Stain Sail Cloth
295 DDO Points 295 DDO Points 295 DDO Points
  • Brown
  • Brown
  • Standard (Tan)
495 DDO Points 495 DDO Points 495 DDO Points 495 DDO Points
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange-Red
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Maple
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Maple
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White

Prices Current as of March 21, 2011

Guild Miscellaneous[edit]

See XP and Loot Boosts for Guild Renown Elixirs

Item ×1 ×5 Benefits
Guild Airship Beacon 10 DP 40 DP Summons a portal to take you to your airship.
Official Guild Charter 150 DP Grants the ability to found one guild.

Prices Current as of July 08, 2011

Developer quotes[edit]

Originally Posted by Tolero Source on June 13, 2014

String exceeds 1,000 character limit for automatic parsing of {{BB code}}, passing quote through:
Greetings! Next week during a game update we will be making adjustments to prices for the Astral Shard cost of the Typhoon and the three new Astral Shard based Airships. Guilds who purchased the Typhoon, Glaive, Trefoil, or Kraken airships between Wednesday’s patch and today’s price change announcement can receive help from our GMs via the ingame help menus for the difference in shards between the U22 price and next week's updated price.

Our pricing model on the newer airships was intended to allow guilds to make a direct purchase, but was adjusted after Lamannia to account for players who may end up buying more than one of the airships over time, since we had to remove the build-in “upgrading” functionality. However, that adjusted pricing did *not* account for the fact that we were previously giving players credit for their platinum-based airships. It was not our intention to raise the price on the Typhoon for guilds who had been saving up prior to U22. Additionally we want to lower the price on the upper end of the astral shard ships – the Kraken offers double the value of the Typhoon, and we want the shard price to be more reflective of that for our guilds. We are going to adjust the Astral Shard prices on the newer ships and the Typhoon next week as follows:

Typhoon – Old Shard Price: 2650 New Shard Price: 2000
Glaive – Old Shard Price: 3300 New Shard Price: 2650
Trefoil – Old Shard Price: 4000 New Shard Price: 3300
Kraken – Old Shard Price: 5650 New Shard Price: 4000

Thank you for participating in the guild airship system!

Originally Posted by Vargouille Source on June 6, 2014

The old amenities will remain available with the launch of Update 22. They'll stop being available eventually, but that won't happen before all new amenities are dropping in loot or available for plat.

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