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Single Weapon Fighting

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Icon Feat Single Weapon Fighting.png
Single Weapon Fighting


While Single Weapon Fighting, you gain +10% Combat Style bonus to attack speed and +2 Combat Style bonus to Melee Power.

Single Weapon Fighting: Requires fighting with a single one-handed weapon, and wielding only an orb, runearm, or nothing in your offhand.

Does not function in animal forms.


  • Common misconception is that you can wear a shield and still benefit from this feat. You cannot wear a shield and benefit from the single weapon fighting feats unless the third tier Swashbuckler enhancement Skirmisher is taken and the character is single weapon fighting in the Swashbuckling Stance. Then a buckler can be used in the offhand.
  • The Single Weapon Fighting feat and Two Handed Fighting feat cannot be taken by the same character. The Single Weapon Fighting feat is mutually exclusive with the Two Handed Fighting feat. Single Weapon Fighting is also mutually exclusive with Two Weapon Fighting.
Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source on June 12, 2014

Bug: Right now it does allow a ranger to get both, but it's a bug, and will be fixed soon.

  • Unlike the 3.5 PnP version of this feat, your weapon of choice is not limited to light weapons.
  • The Single Weapon Fighting feats do not apply to thrown weapons.
Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source on May 9, 2014

The Single Weapon Fighting feats do not apply to thrown weapons.

Feat Requirements Attack Speed (Cumulative) Melee Power (Combat Style Bonus) Other Benefits
Single Weapon Fighting 0 BAB, 2 Balance 10% 2 -
Improved Single Weapon Fighting 6 BAB, 4 Balance 20% 4 1.25x ability modifier damage scaling
Greater Single Weapon Fighting 11 BAB, 7 Balance 30% 6 1.5x ability modifier damage scaling
Perfect Single Weapon Fighting Level 26, 28, or 29 Epic Destiny Feat - 10 1.75x ability modifier damage scaling, Vorpal threat range increased to 19-20
Offhand Versatility 8 BAB, SWF - - +0.25 ability modifier damage scaling while single-weapon fighting with empty offhand