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Single Weapon Fighting

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Icon Feat Single Weapon Fighting.png
Single Weapon Fighting


While Single Weapon Fighting, you gain +10% Combat Style bonus to attack speed and +2 Combat Style bonus to Melee Power.

Single Weapon Fighting: Requires fighting with a single one-handed weapon, and wielding only an orb, runearm, or nothing in your offhand. Does not function in animal forms.

Improves the Hit Point bonus of Heroic Durability.


  • Unlike most other bonuses, a Balance skill tome counts towards your total ranks for the purpose of qualifying for this feat. For example, a character with a +2 Balance tome can take this feat without spending any actual skill points. Note however that because tomes are not applied during the character creation screen, a player wanting to take this feat at level 1 will still need to spend skill points.
  • Bastard Swords and Dwarven War Axes apply 1.1x your relevant Ability Score Modifier to damage. This stacks with the bonuses from Improved and Greater Single Weapon Fighting.
  • You cannot wear a shield and benefit from the Single Weapon Fighting feats unless the character is Single Weapon Fighting and has the Swashbuckler enhancement 'Skirmisher' and is in Swashbuckling Stance. Then a buckler can be used in the offhand.
  • The Single Weapon Fighting feat is mutually exclusive with both Two Handed Fighting and Two Weapon Fighting feats.
    • Rangers can get this feat at character creation, but not later, and this charater has both feats after taking Ranger level 2. The Ranger then benefits from the stacking HP bonus to Heroic Durability and the bonus to Offhand Hit chance applies to Single Weapon Fighting (in case of wielding an orb).
Originally Posted by Cordovan (Contribs • Message• Cordovan) Source on June 12, 2014

Bug: Right now it does allow a ranger to get both, but it's a bug, and will be fixed soon.

  • Unlike the 3.5 PnP version of this feat, your weapon of choice is not limited to light weapons.
  • The Single Weapon Fighting feats do not apply to thrown weapons.

Feat Requirements Attack Speed (Cumulative) Melee Power (Combat Style Bonus) Other Benefits
Single Weapon Fighting 0 BAB, 2 Balance 10% 2
Improved Single Weapon Fighting 6 BAB, 4 Balance 20% 4
Greater Single Weapon Fighting 11 BAB, 7 Balance 30% 6
Perfect Single Weapon Fighting Level 22, 25, or 28 Epic Destiny Feat - 10
Offhand Versatility 8 BAB, SWF - -
  • Single Weapon Fighting with an empty offhand: +0.25 ability modifier damage scaling
  • Single Weapon Fighting with a Runearm or Orb on your offhand: +1 Imbue Dice