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Perfect Single Weapon Fighting

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Icon Perfect Single Weapon Fighting.png
Perfect Single Weapon Fighting


While Single Weapon Fighting:

  • Your vorpal threat range is increased by +1 (instead of scoring Vorpal hits only on a roll of 20, you score them on a roll of 19-20, assuming you confirm the critical hit.)
  • Your ability score modifier to damage increases by 25%.
  • +10 combat style bonus to Melee Power.


Feat Requirements Attack Speed (Cumulative) Melee Power (Combat Style Bonus) Other Benefits
Single Weapon Fighting 0 BAB, 2 Balance 10% 2 -
Improved Single Weapon Fighting 6 BAB, 4 Balance 20% 4 1.25x ability modifier damage scaling
Greater Single Weapon Fighting 11 BAB, 7 Balance 30% 6 1.5x ability modifier damage scaling
Perfect Single Weapon Fighting Level 26, 28, or 29 Epic Destiny Feat - 10 1.75x ability modifier damage scaling, Vorpal threat range increased to 19-20
Offhand Versatility 8 BAB, SWF - - +0.25 ability modifier damage scaling while single-weapon fighting with empty offhand