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The Marketplace Bazaar History

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The Marketplace Bazaar
Inside The Marketplace Bazaar

The Marketplace Bazaar was a large red tent in the middle of the Marketplace. Vendors were set out on different floors whose wares included reagents, armor, masterwork weapons, potions, and more.

During the live event of Module 6.1, the Marketplace Bazaar was destroyed. With Module 7, players were to unlock the Subterrane - the new high level Wilderness Adventure Area - and associated dungeons beneath its ruin through the Race to the Subterranean live event.

Module 6.1: A Storm Brews over Stormreach[edit]

Devils from the plane of Shavarath instigated an invasion of Stormreach. Random portals appeared in the marketplace and small bands of devils attacked every few hours.

A few days later a huge swirling portal appeared over the Bazaar tent. Soon all the NPC vendors moved out of the Bazaar and into the Rusty Nail tavern near the Steam Tunnels. A floating citadel appeared between the bank and the Bazaar tent, with platforms to climb to the top and meet Veheer F'nord of the Twelve, who is leading the research team to discover the devils’ intentions and a way to defend Stormreach.

The vortex over the Bazaar grew in power and the tent flailed helplessly in its wake. Devils took up residence and posted guard at each entrance to the Bazaar and a magical force field emanated from the portal, protecting the devils from further attack.

On March 7, 2008, the Stormreach wizards set up a counter assault, firing magical beams into the portal from points along the tent’s perimeter. The beams coalesced into a single beacon of power which succeeded in destroying the portal to Shavarath! However the ensuing explosion also destroyed the Bazaar as well, leaving a debris-filled crater in the center of the city!

The Devil Assault quest has since become available for players to defend from four waves of increasingly difficult devils, minions, and bosses.

"Devil Invasion Aftermath" Promotion Video[edit]

Official promotion video involving the story of this event is available on Turbine's official YouTube channel.

The vortex over the Bazaar
Magical barrier and scouting devils
The beams destroying the Bazaar
Remains of the Bazaar

Module 7: Race to the Subterranean[edit]

The magical force field sealing the entrance to the Subterrane

High level content from Module 7 didn't become available as soon as it went live. Instead, in order to "unlock" them, players were tasked to grind older raids from previous modules, get tokens from warded chests and turn them in to NPCs in the Marketplace. The number of tokens turned in were counted per raid and per game server; thus, the main focus of this event was on competition between the servers.

  • Red Dragonshard Fragments from Plane of Night warded chest
    • "This unique Red Dragonshard Fragment has been empowered by the death of a red dragon attuned with the Draconic Prophecy. You can sense its true power can only be unlocked by those familiar with rituals."
  • Quori Stones from The Titan Awakes warded chest
    • "This stone has absorbed hundreds of thousands of dreams and nightmares. You can sense its true power can only be unlocked by those familiar with rituals."
  • Tanar'ri Runes from Zawabi's Revenge warded chest
    • "The mark of demons, this Tanar'ri rune has been soaked by the blood of thousands of enemies on Shavarath. You can sense its true power can only be unlocked by those familiar with rituals."
  • Giantcraft Totems from The Reaver's Fate warded chest
    • "Very little of giant magic is understood these days, but this totem makes it clear we have far to go. You can sense its true power can only be unlocked by those familiar with rituals."
  • Baatezu Runes from The Shroud end chest
    • "The greatest of Shavarath's infernal Generals, powerful devils, carry this Baatezu Rune as a symbol of their status and position. You can sense its true power can only be unlocked by those familiar with rituals."
  • Ascension Chamber was notably excluded from this, as very few players had succeeded in beating the raid, and the raid was often criticized as being "broken".

Once enough tokens were turned in for all the NPCs, the force field to the Subterrane was dropped by them, making it accessible to players.

(World Event): Mystichaze Shastien has enough Baatezu Runes. She begins to cast a spell of immeasurable power against the devil shield in Stormreach's marketplace.

Race to the Subterranean Progress (U.S. servers)
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3 - Thelanis won

Module 7 also revealed rework of Three-Barrel Cove adventure area; you can find remains of the Bazaar there.

Bazaar Crescent now found in Three-Barrel Cove!

Module 9: A New Marketplace[edit]

Sitting atop the once decimated location where the Shavarath portal blasted a crater into the Marketplace, the Remembrance Plaza serves as both a tribute and vendor center. A memorial has been erected to commemorate the brave heroes who fought back the Devil invasion. Around this memorial, a beautiful new tent has been constructed! With vibrant colors and a lovely open air maypole design, it’s even better than the Marketplace tent that was lost to the invasion. Visitors can stroll across the mosaic floor and through the open fabric corridors to shop with vendors, or pay their respects at the memorial seal.

Scenery MarketplaceBazaar mod9.jpg
Scenery MarketplaceBazaar mod9 alt.jpg

Update 7: The Chronoscope[edit]

Main article: The Chronoscope

Update 7 saw a new raid The Chronoscope, which was basing on the mysterious disappearance of Nat Gann during the Devil Invasion, and took the players back to the ground zero to witness the culmination of the live event.