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Coyle Lovell

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NPC Coyle Lovell.jpg

Name: Coyle Lovell

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Location: The Eastern Excavation

Description: Coyle Lovell is an infamous named NPC whom players must protect in Escort the Expedition and Hold for Reinforcements. He seems to be some sort of Fighter/Wizard since he is dual-wielding a Long Sword (main melee weapon?) and Club (spell amplification?). But do not expect him to help you with those weapons and his spellcasting, he rather causes trouble on himself...

  • On U16, his HP got amplified, and he is no longer one-shot by almost any mob on the quest.
  • On Update 23 he got a buff on his hp and the quest no longer fails if he is incapacited.
  • In "Hold For Reinforcements," you can knock him out to keep him from killing himself and causing the quest to fail.
  • In a in-joke by the devs, Coyle is the inspiration for the aggro-drawing rune arm, Recoyle, a chain end-reward.

We meet Coyle again in The Abandoned Excavation as Kharvos Valadan, a worshipper of Khyber, the Dragon Below. Perhaps next time House Deneith should be more careful with which NPCs you need to babysit.

The Eastern Excavation[edit]

Escort the Expedition[edit]

Coyle is sent with you, alongside two Deneith Explorers, to reach the Library of Threnal.

Hold for Reinforcements[edit]

Coyle is at the center of the Library with two Deneith Explorers, and will fight alongside you any monster that arrives in the field. When you talk to him, he will reply:

  • Coyle Lovell: Reinforcements are coming soon. Help us hold the library until then. They've been coming in waves so far. Get ready.
  • You: Coyle, we need you to stay alive. Just let us handle the situation and don't do anything. Alright?
  • Coyle Lovell: You know what? Why don't you do your job and stop telling me how to do mine! I know what I'm doing and you best not get in my way, or else!
    • You: Easy, easy, Coyle. I meant no harm. (Walk away)
    • You: (Bluff) Oh no... what is that over there?! (clock him over the head) It's for your own good.
      • Coyle Lovell: What? Where? *clunk, thud*
      • Deneith Explorer: Jerk!
      • Deneith Explorer: And stay down!

If you interact with him while he is unconscious, he will say:

  • Coyle Lovell: Zzzzz.... twitch, twitch....
  • You: Wake up Coyle! Wake up, we need you!
  • Coyle Lovell: Ow! My head.... what? Where are we? Is it over?

The Abandoned Excavation[edit]

Kharvos Valadan

Entering the Gate Chamber[edit]

At the end of the quest you meet a man that looks a lot like Coyle. When you approach him, he will say:

  • Kharvos Valadan: So you've tracked me this far. I'm impressed. As you must have guessed by now, Coyle is not my real name, and I owe no allegiance to House Deneith.
    • You: I don't care who you are—I'll kill you before I let you open the gate.
      • Kharvos Valadan: ????????????????
    • You: A spy? Maybe I'll drag you back to the surface and sell your hide to Deneith.
      • Kharvos Valadan: Do not act so rashly! Perhaps you have more in common with me than you realize. My name is Kharvos Valadan, and I have a proposition that ought to interest you deeply.
      • You: I've no interest in your proposals.
      • Kharvos Valadan: Yes, of course. I understand why you might think that. But let me make something clear: I have no interest in opening the gate to Xoriat! At least, not permanently....
        • You: Why are you here, then?
          • Kharvos Valadan: I am a worshipper of Khyber, the immortal Dragon who dwells in the endless darkness. My fellow believers and I worked for months to infiltrate the House Deneith expedition. We are not here to throw the gate open to every dark power in Xoriat! No, we merely wish to send a single agent to Xoriat... a representative of our interests, you might say.
          • You: I see. You're an agent of the Cult of the Dragon Below.
          • Kharvos Valadan: The cult of Khyber was instrumental in revealing the Gate of the Black Moon to the giants and encouraging them to claim it as their own. We knew this would provoke retaliation from Deneith and give us an opportunity to slip an infiltrator through the Gate. But our last agent was tragically killed by the giants, and now I have been discovered as well. This puts me in a very uncomfortable situation.
          • You: Yes—I imagine it would be uncomfortable to be discovered in an act of high treason. Draw your weapon.
          • Kharvos Valadan: My organization is incredibly wealthy, <name>. I propose only that you stand aside and let me complete my mission. The Gate of the Black Moon will open only for a few seconds, and you will never see me again. In return, you shall have wealth and power such as you've never dreamed!
            • You: You must be the biggest fool in Xen'drik. If you open the Gate of the Black Moon, you'll never shut it again. Stand down or die!
              • Kharvos Valadan: ????????????
            • You: Ah. And just how much wealth do you think I can dream of?
              • Kharvos Valadan: I promise you a thousand gold! I'll give you the name of a contact in the House Phiarlan ward, and he will arrange for your payment after I am gone. Nobody will be the wiser!
              • You: Is that the price you sorry cultists put on your lives? How about a hundred thousand for my trouble?
              • Kharvos Valadan: In the middle of your speech, Kharvos' eyes widen. He tilts his head as if listening to a voice you cannot hear. Then he screams, XORIAT DAL EXAIR GAN! and turns to flee. Perhaps Kharvos' gods grew tired of waiting for him....
            • You: By the Host, are you still talking? I think I'll kill you right now, just to spare myself your whining company.
              • Kharvos Valadan: ????????????
        • You: Say no more of your wretched plans. Die, madman!
          • Kharvos Valadan: ????????????

The Gate Chamber[edit]

Right at the start, you find Valadan's corpse. It looks like his skull was crushed by the impact of a massive club.