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Name: Stained-Tusk

Race: Bugbear

Gender: Male

Location: [[Category:Unknown Irestone Inlet, eastern shrine NPCs]][[Irestone Inlet, eastern shrine]]

Description: First Mate of the Banshee

Irestone Inlet[edit]

When you talk to him the first time, he will tell you:

  • Stained-Tusk: I was Cage's right-hand mate, and I won't say we never took a prize—pirates we have been called, and pirates we may be. But we never sold our swords to evil! And we never killed them who deserved mercy. Yaaryar's crew is not the same. They sold themselves and their souls to the dark ones, and there's always blood in their wake. You kill ogre Dinks, first mate of the Bombom Raider, and you avenge many wrongs, many dead friends of Stained-Tusk. Kill him, I say! And before you leave, talk to Anne. She angry too.
  • You: Ogre he may be, but Dinks will die.

After you defeat Dinks, he will tell you:

  • Stained-Tusk: Dinks is dead! This is best news. Now find a way to smoke Yaaryar out of his hole. He be hiding here somewhere. Waiting for chance to slip back to his ship. You not give him that chance.
  • You: Yaaryar's luck has nearly run out.

After you kill Yaaryar, he will be amazed and tell you:

  • Stained-Tusk: You mighty hero! Killed Dinks, killed Yaaryar, rescued Cage's crew—you three times mighty hero, at least. You talk to Cage when you get back, tell him you friend to all Cage's crew, tell him Stained-Tusk says so.
  • You: A hard day's work it's been, but all's grog and celebration from here on out.
  • Stained-Tusk: Yaaryar is dead! The Banshee is avenged! Three cheers for our bonny rescuers!