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Item:Mirror of Glamering

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Mirror of Glamering copies the appearance of a piece of armor, docent, goggles, helmet, weapon, or shield, creating a cosmetic version of that item. Introduced in Update 23, Mirror of Glamering is available from the DDO Store for 245 DP, and also as a rare reward in Daily Dice.


Mirror of Glamering.png

Double-click the mirror to start a barter interface. Drag an item to the ingredient list. Select the appropriate recipe. Click Create Cosmetic. You will not be able to glamer an item if you have a stack of mirrors or they are locked in your inventory.

Equip the cosmetic items in your cosmetic inventory slots to change your appearance. Cosmetic appearance can be toggled on and off.


  • The Mirror of Glamering is consumed when used.
  • The original item you were copying remains intact.
  • The new cosmetic item is Bound to Account and does not have a minimum level restriction.
  • Racial restrictions of the original item apply also for its cosmetic copy. This includes cosmetic copies of iconic starter gear, which will remain restricted to the same iconic type.
  • Items created by Mirror of Glamering can't be used in the Stone of Change.
  • Mirror cannot be used with temporary in-quest items.
  • Items with temporary damage cannot be copied. Repair the item first. Testing on permanently damaged items needed.
  • Cosmetic items with a set bonus may contain Set Bonus text in their tooltip, but these do not function as part of their respective sets.
  • Armor with single-use cosmetic Armor Kits applied are ineligible for the Mirror. No duplicating the appearance of one of those Kits!


Since Update 24, weapons can be glamered.

  • The Mirror of Glamering makes a copy of the base look of a weapon and retains the weapon's particle effects (such as flaming).
  • The weapon cosmetic is only displayed on your character when you are wielding a weapon with the same combat style. The current combat styles are one-handed, two-handed, quarterstaff, great axe, crossbow, repeating crossbow, bow, rune arm, orb, and shield-only.
  • Handwraps are able to be made into cosmetics, but have NO altered visuals or auras, and cannot have auras added to them.
  • Thrown weapons can now be Glamered, however, once the thrown item leaves your hand it reverts to the visual of your equipped weapon.
  • A Glamered Weapon Aura can be used to create a cosmetic effect, such as flaming, on a weapon.


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Cosmetic from named items[edit]

Armor Shields Orbs
Icon item armor cloth.png
Icon item armor light.png
Icon item armor medium.png
Icon item armor heavy.png
Icon item armor docent.png
Icon item shield buckler.png
Icon item shield small.png
Icon item shield large.png
Icon item shield tower.png
Icon item shield orb.png
Head Slot Back Slot
Icon item clothing helm.png
Icon item cosmetic helm.png
Cosmetic Hats
Icon item clothing goggles.png
Icon item clothing cloak.png
Icon ItemSlot Cosmetic Cloak.png
Cosmetic Cloaks
One-handed Style
Club Light hammer Light mace Heavy mace Morningstar War hammer Kama
Dagger Rapier Short sword Light pick Heavy pick Bastard sword Khopeshes
Kukri Sickle Long sword Scimitar Handaxe Battle axe Dwarven war axe
One-handed Style Throwing weapons
Throwing axe Throwing dagger Throwing hammer Dart Shuriken
Two-handed Style Great axe Style Quarterstaff Style
Great club Maul Falchion Great sword Great Axes Quarterstaffs
Crossbow Style Repeating Crossbow Style Bow Style
Heavy crossbow Light crossbow Great crossbow Repeating heavy crossbow Repeating light crossbow Long bow Short bow

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