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Blightcaster is a variant Druid archetype that embraces death as a necessary part of life. Introduced in Update 58.

Changes from base class[edit]

Ability Lose Gain
Wildshape All forms Plague/Blighted Wolf, Thorn-Kin/Thorn Knight, Hive Keeper/Hive Master
Imbues Fire/Cold elemental imbues Acid, Poison, Piercing imbue
  • Nature's Ally spells and the ability to automatically prepare them
  • Cure spells
  • Heal, Mass Regenerate
  • Fire spells
  • Sun spells
  • Fireshield
  • Bear spells
  • Elemental-form spells
  1. Night Shield, Thorn Strike, Chill Touch, Acid Spray
  2. Gets Contagion at level 2 instead of 3, Melf's Acid Arrow, Web
  3. Acid Blast, Thorn Bloom, Stinking Cloud
  4. Fear, Acid Rain, Plant Growth, Wave of Fatigue
  5. Negative Energy Burst, Blighted Breath, Cloud Kill
  6. Necrotic Ray, Jaws of Doom, Blighted Bite, Thorn Wave
  7. Acid Fog, Wave of Exhaustion, Horrid Wilting
  8. Black Dragon Bolt, Thorn Lance
  9. Acid Well, Wail of the Banshee, Rend the Soul, Blighted Charge
Misc Wild Empathy, Goodberry, Wolf Companion Disease Immunity, Venom Immunity
Enhancements Nature's Protector enhancements Blightcaster enhancements

Past life[edit]

Blightcaster: +5 Acid and Poison Spell Power (stacks 3 times)

Wild shapes[edit]

Blight Wolf and Plague Wolf form (blightcaster druid).jpg Hive Master form (blightcaster druid).jpg Thorn Kin and Thorn Knight form (blightcaster druid).jpg