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Frame Work

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The Coin Lords have devised a plan to use a local minotaur tribe to frame Hesstess, the Droaam ambassador.

Frame Work
Heroic level: 12
Epic level: None
Duration: medium
Heroic XP:  ♣2,220Solo/Casual ♦3,879Normal ♥4,060Hard ♠4,240Elite
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: Matador Village
Bestowed by: Gavin Northus
NPC contact: Gavin Northus
Quest acquired in: Lordsmarch Plaza
Patron: The Coin Lords
Base favor: 5
Free to Play: Yes
Extreme Challenge: No
M frame work.png
Loading screen


The monster nation of Droaam is trying to recruit the local monster tribes against Stormreach. The Coin Lords have devised a plan to frame the Droaam ambassador in a local minotaur village. Speak to the warforged wizard Dorris to learn more.

  • Diplomatic Impunity must be completed before acquiring this quest (you can't enter the instance if you haven't done it).

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Speak with Dorris
  • Assassinate the Minotaur Chieftain
  • Plant some rock-solid evidence
  • Return to Dorris
  • (Optional) Do not let the minotaurs raise the alarm — Bonus (25%): Heroic( ♣555 ♦970 ♥1,015 ♠1,060 )
  • (Optional) Repair a ballista — Bonus (7%): Heroic( ♣155 ♦272 ♥284 ♠297 )
  • (Optional) Find extra ballista parts (10 total) — Bonus (10%): Heroic( ♣222 ♦388 ♥406 ♠424 )
  • (Optional) Slay some minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (6%): Heroic( ♣133 ♦233 ♥244 ♠254 )
  • (Optional) Slay more minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Slay some more minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Slay even more minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Slay, you guessed it, more minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Keep slaying minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) The slaughter of minotaurs must go on (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Don't stop killing minotaurs now (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Almost done killing minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Finish what you started with the minotaurs (10 total) — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Kill something other than a minotaur for a change — Bonus (8%): Heroic( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • (Optional) Slay all the Cabal Seers (3 total) — Bonus (15%): Heroic( ♣333 ♦582 ♥609 ♠636 )
  • (Optional) Slay the sleeping giant, Ahnold the Hungry — Bonus (10%): Heroic( ♣222 ♦388 ♥406 ♠424 )
  • (Optional) Slay the fiendish spider, the Twilight Mother — Bonus (20%): Heroic( ♣444 ♦776 ♥812 ♠848 )
  • (Optional) Slay the leader of the pack — Bonus (15%): Heroic( ♣333 ♦582 ♥609 ♠636 )

What to Expect

  • Traps (fixed)
  • Randomly placed collectibles
  • Spawning/respawning monsters
  • Quest item collection (optional: Ballista Parts)
  • Randomly placed quest items (optional: Ballista)

Known Traps

Trap DCs

  • Lots of spike/blades traps on the stairway to the palace; there are 4 control boxes, 2 on either side of the stairs

Tips and Misc

  • This adventure can be quite hard for the level. It can be much longer than its medium length rating would suggest; but if you are taking that time to kill minotaurs, it can still be rewarding, as the cumulative bonus stacks up to a total of 70% bonus of base XP.
  • That said, it can be completed very quickly, too: With access to invisibility and a 38+ jump score, you can collect sufficient ballista parts in the wild, jump over the wall at the corner of the NW gate (minimum 38+ required), run south over the bridge, repair the ballista in the SW corner and have it fling you directly to the boss. Use the wand on the minotaur runt, kill and loot.
  • The fortress is a very tight, built-up area; Jump buffs make moving around MUCH easier.
  • The Cabal Seers can inflict negative levels and have instant-death effects (used rarely on Normal, but often on Hard and Elite), so make sure to have Deathblock items and Death Ward available.
  • Try not to laugh too much as you complete the many Optionals of this quest. Slaying minotaurs is amusing until they swarm you in impressive numbers.
  • You must turn at least one minotaur into stone to successfully complete the quest. Dorris will give you a 5-charge wand for this, which is usable by anyone.
  • There are more than enough parts to repair two ballistas, although only one is required to complete the optional objective. Repair a ballista outside the fortress to fling you inside, and then another ballista can be repaired inside the fort near the chieftain's compound to fling you over the wall and bypass the trapped gate.
    • The number of Ballista Parts needed to repair a ballista depends on your Repair skill. The higher the skill, the fewer the parts.
  • A handy tactic is to clear the small section of the fortress first, then send someone to grab aggro and lead minotaurs across the bridges. There, you can drop firewalls, Blade Barriers and other damaging spells in their path. This is also a great tactic for rangers with improved precise shot and a paralyzing bow!
  • The Minotaur Runts tend to be the ones that run for the warning gongs. If you want to complete the Stealthy Optional, kill them quickly (or use the wand Dorris gives you on them). However, if you are going for the Slayer Optional chain, you will need to allow the gongs to be rung (or ring them yourself) to spawn enough minotaurs to reach the goal. Using the wand to petrify a minotaur DOES NOT count towards your kills (don't waste it on bosses!).
  • If you paralyze a Matador Runt and damage him, after recovering from paralysis he will attack you instead of running for the warning bell (as of Update 27; tested with Paralyzing Arrows and Power Word: Stun).
  • After killing all the minotaurs, you need to kill at least one non-minotaur mob for the final slaying bonus. There are some worgs inside the fortress, but plenty of animals in the wilderness area outside if you haven't killed them all while gathering ballista parts. Two panthers always spawn next to Dorris after you complete the quest.
  • There is a repaired ballista inside the boss's compound that will fling you directly back to Dorris to quickly complete the quest, if you don't have Dimension Door.
  • This quest is completed once you speak to Dorris after killing the chieftain and turning at least one minotaur to stone. So, you can take your time in completing any remaining optionals after killing the boss, including clearing his compound of breakables and ringing gongs (if you are going for the slaying optional) to rack up bonuses.
  • If you slay every minotaur, Dorris's originally snide attitude changes humorously.
  • If you complete your mission without an alarm going off, Dorris is also impressed.
Repair Skill Parts needed
?2-4 5
5-11 4
12-25 3
31-34 2

External links

Bonus XP

  • Devious bonus: 5 or fewer monsters killed +7% Bonus.( ♣155 ♦272 ♥284 ♠297 )
  • Aggression bonus: 134 or more monsters killed +10% Bonus.( ♣222 ♦388 ♥406 ♠424 )
  • Onslaught bonus: 173 or more monsters killed +15% Bonus.( ♣333 ♦582 ♥609 ♠636 )
  • Mischief bonus: 60 or more breakables smashed +8% Bonus.( ♣178 ♦310 ♥325 ♠339 )
  • Vandal bonus: 78 or more breakables smashed +10% Bonus.( ♣222 ♦388 ♥406 ♠424 )
  • Ransack bonus: 96 or more breakables smashed +15% Bonus.( ♣333 ♦582 ♥609 ♠636 )
Notes: Conquest bonus is unachievable.


  • Chests: ♦  5 - 8 /Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥  5 - 8 /Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠  7 - 10Icon tooltip.pngElite
    • 3 optional for killing the Cabal Seers (Minotaurs, can spawn in multiple locations, found inside the fortress)
    • 1 optional for killing the Pack Master (White Wolf, doesn't always spawn, found outside the fortress in the SE corner of the map)
    • 1 optional for killing the Twilight Mother (Spider, doesn't always spawn, found outside the fortress in the SW corner of the map)
    • 1 optional for killing Ahnold the Hungry (Hill Giant, doesn't always spawn, found outside the fortress near the NW shrine)
    • ♦  1 /Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥  1 /Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠  2Icon tooltip.pngElite for killing the Minotaur Chieftain
    • ♦  1 /Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥  1 /Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠  2Icon tooltip.pngElite optional at the end from Dorris if you killed all the minotaurs or if you haven't let them raise the alarm (no chest is awarded on casual difficulty)
  • Collectables: Fifteen
    • Outside the city (6)
      • Mushroom near a tree southeast of the city gates
      • Mushroom in one of several spots southeast of the city
      • Fungus in one of several spots southeast of the city
      • Mushroom in one of several spots southwest of the city
      • Fungus in one of several spots southwest of the city
      • Mushroom in the far southwest
    • Inside the city (9)
      • Two Crude Altars in the northwest section of the city by shrine (In-quest description: Temple Hill)
      • Four Cabinets in the northern area by gate (In-quest description: Alchemist's Quarter)
      • Two Alchemy Tables in the northern area by gate (In-quest description: Alchemist's Quarter)
  • NPC rewards:

Named Chest Drop

Last Edited Item Type Enhancements ML Bind Quests
  • Update 48.2
  • 2 months and 9 days
  • BugTime
Bloody Cleaver
Bloody Cleaver.png
  • +4 Enhancement BonusIcon tooltip.png+4 Enhancement Bonus: +4 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • BleedIcon tooltip.pngBleed: This weapon is cruelly sharp and will do an additional 1 to 8 damage to targets that are vulnerable to bleeding.
  • Human BaneIcon tooltip.pngHuman Bane: A bane weapon excels at attacking one type or subtype of creature. Against Humans, this weapon's effective enhancement bonus is +2 better than its normal enhancement bonus. It deals an extra 2 to 12 points of damage against the foe.
  • BodyfeederIcon tooltip.pngBodyfeeder: Whenever a bodyfeeder weapon you wield scores a critical hit, you gain 15 temporary hitpoints that last for up to 1 minute.
  • FusibleIcon tooltip.pngFusible: Something about this item looks incomplete. Perhaps in the future it will be compatible with another item to create a brand-new fusion of the two.
10 Bound to Character on EquipIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Equip: This item is Bound to Character on Equip Frame Work, Minotaur Chief Chest, end chest(s)
  • Update 48.2
  • 2 months and 9 days
  • BugTime
Snakeskin Vest
Snakeskin Vest.png
Leather 8 Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire Frame Work, End Chests & Dorris' chests
  • Update 48.2
  • 2 months and 9 days
  • BugTime
Teraza's Sight
Teraza's Sight.png
Helm 11 Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire Frame Work, End chest(s), Dorris' chests
  • Update 48.2
  • 2 months and 9 days
  • BugTime
Scepter of the Fleshweaver
Scepter of the Fleshweaver.png
Club 10 UnboundIcon tooltip.pngUnbound: This item is Unbound, and may take permanent damage. Frame Work, chest
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Name(picture) CR Type Race
Ahnold the Hungry(view)
Ahnold The Hungry.jpg
 ♦15Normal ♥18Hard ♠24Elite Giant Giant
Brown Twilight Spider(view)
Brown Twilight Spider.jpg
 ♦10Normal Vermin Spider
Dire Wolf(view)
Dire Wolf.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite Animal Wolf
Leader of the Pack(view)
Leader of the Pack.jpg
 ♦14Normal ♥18Hard ♠24Elite Animal Wolf
Matador Cabal Seer(view)
Matador Cabal Seer.jpg
 ♦13Normal ♥15Hard ♠18Elite Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Matador Chieftain(view)
Matador Chieftain.jpg
 ♦14Normal ♥16Hard ♠19Elite Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Matador Runt(view)
Matador Runt.jpg
 ♦10Normal ♥12Hard ♠15Elite Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Matador Shaman(view)
Matador Shaman.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
Matador Warrior(view)
Matador Warrior.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite Monstrous Humanoid Minotaur
 ♦14Normal ♥16Hard ♠19Elite Orc Orc
Panther (monster)(view)
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite Animal Lion
The Twilight Mother(view)
The Twilight Mother.jpg
 ♦15Normal ♥18Hard ♠25Elite Vermin Spider
 ♦15Normal ♥17Hard ♠21Elite Giant Ogre
Twilight Darkfang(view)
Twilight Darkfang.jpg
 ♦15Normal ♥17Hard ♠20Elite Vermin Spider
Twilight Widow(view)
Twilight Widow.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♥14Hard ♠17Elite Vermin Spider
Worg Sentinel(view)
Worg Sentinel.jpg
 ♥10Hard ♠13Elite Magical Beast Wolf