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Under New Ravagement

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When Mabar draws nigh, darkness falls and the dead become restless ....

Under New Ravagement
Level Range: 7-35
Duration: Quest-like, no time limit
Base XP Range: 700-3500
Takes place in: The Night Revels
Challenge entrance(s) in: Night Revels Crypt
Patron: None
Free to Play: Yes
Group Difficulty: Easy
Solo Difficulty: Easy
5 Star Difficulty: Easy
Under New Ravagement map
Loading screen


As you enter the tavern, you notice the smell of rot in the air.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!

Star Objectives

Note: You must complete all non-optional star objectives to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps


Tips and Misc


  • Buff up, then speak with Maxwell Statler to begin
    • There is no need to go through the entire dialog sequence
  • There are 4 waves of enemies to fight:
    • Zombies downstairs
    • Zombies upstairs
    • Ghouls and possibly a Mummy under the ramp downstairs
      • Breaking the table nearest the ramp that leads upstairs will speed the appearance of the ghouls
    • Zombies with an orange-named mummy, (Cerik Thens (worth one star), upstairs - The shriveled corpse crumbles to bits. With the Mummy gone, Maxwell Statler nervously returns to the tavern.
      • An optional orange-named ghoul, Vorne (worth one star), will appear during the 4th wave, if "located" - Vorne has been slain!
        • If Vorne does not spawn immediately during the fight with Cerik Thens, go about 2/3 of the way down the ramp he should spawn
  • Speak to Maxwell Statler again to complete the quest
    • Bug: Under New Ravagement will fail to complete if you talk to Maxwell too quickly. To avoid this, allow DM to talk before talking to Maxwell and completing.


  • Chests: 1 at completion.


  • Zombies - Zombie (CR = Challenge level)
  • Ghouls - Ghoul (CR = Challenge level)
  • Mummy - Mummy (CR = Challenge level)
  • Vorne - Orange-named Ghoul (CR = Challenge level +2); always spawns
  • Cerik Thens - Orange-named Mummy (CR = Challenge level +4); required kill

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