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Update 40 named items

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Sentinels of Stormreach (revamp)[edit]

Heroic loot is planned for an update

  • Blademark's Docent: +2, Physical Sheltering +9, Life Shield, Invulnerability, Blue
  • Deneith Heavy Chain: +2, Physical Sheltering +9, Life Shield, Invulnerability, Blue
  • Elyd Edge: +2, Charisma +4, Devotion +59, Anthem, Silver, Red
  • Chimera's Crown: Minor Lesser Dragonmark Enhancement, SR 15, NA +4, Green
  • Chimera's Fang: +2, Electrifying 2, Stunning +4, Maiming 2, Dragonshard Focus: Sentinel, Red
  • Jidz-Tet'ka: Tet-zik, Armor +4, Will +3, Green
  • Midnight Greetings: +2, Entropic 2, Deception +2, Deception, Red
  • Winter's Wrath: Snowball Swarm, Lesser Cold Augmentation III, Glaciation +59, Ice Lore +9%
  • Rune arm is unchanged except perhaps durability or so.

Killing Time (legendary raid)[edit]

Schism Shards[edit]

These are the ingredients used for upgrading some older gear to raid status.

  • They are not hideously rare and drop independently of your chances to get named loot.
  • Can drop on any difficulty including normal. DDO Forums


The Staff of Shadow Quarterstaff, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+6] +1 Base Multiplier
Brilliant Crescent Sickle, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+3]
Chaosbow Longbow, Damage Dice: 5[1d8+3]
Hellstroke Heavy Mace Heavy Mace, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+3]
Tornado Handaxe, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+3]
Timeshard Shortsword, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+3]
Nightshard Scimitar, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+3]
Staff of Irian Quarterstaff, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+6]
Lightning Coil Light Mace, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+3]
Brilliant Crescent shown
Tornado shown


Mail of the Mroranon Medium Armor
Nullscale Armor Heavy Armor


Gauntlets of the Stormreaver Gloves
Ring of the Silver Tongue Ring
Clouded Dreams Ring
Trinket of Freewill Trinket
Elyd Charm Necklace
Bracers of the Mountain Bracers
Cloak of the Mountain Cloak
Wind Howler Mask Helmet


Main article: Schism Shard Crafting

These weapons will also be included in Update 40, although their acquisition method will be a little different:

  • To obtain the Raid-level versions of the Update 39/WPM (White Plume Mountain) weapons, you will need a Sentient Gem of the appropriate weapon with 0 Sentient XP, a non-sentient version of the originals, and 5 of a new ingredient that will drop in Killing Time. The NPC that will upgrade your items to their ultimate versions will be in the Hall of Heroes, within earshot of the White Plume Mountain quest itself.
  • For non-WPM gear, you just need the Schism Shards and the original weapon from Update 36/The Mines of Tethyamar or Update 25/The Temple of Elemental Evil.
Reflection of Blackrazor Greatsword, Damage Dice: 7[2d6+6] (+2W from Keen)
Soulrazor Longsword, Damage Dice: 7[1d8+3] (+2W from Keen)
Reflection of Whelm Warhammer, Damage Dice: 5[1d8+3]
Overwhelming Impact Throwing Hammer, Damage Dice: 5[1d4+3]
Reflection of Wave Quarterstaff, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+6]
Sphere of Waves Orb, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+6]
Reflection of Angdrelve Greatsword, Damage Dice: 5[2d6+6]
Soul's Sorrow Bastard Sword, Damage Dice: 5[1d10+3]
Reflection of The Frostblade Scimitar, Damage Dice: 5[1d6+3]

The Night Revels[edit]

Changes: All BtC rewards are now BtA.

New stuff:

New cosmetics:

  • Green Reaper cosmetic set (armor, helm, cloak)
  • Red and Blue Reaper cosmetic cloak
  • Teal Crown of Fire cosmetic helmet (glows in the dark), a.k.a. Diadem of Spectre (doesn't actually provide light; tested in Rainbow in the Dark)
  • Animated Vargouille wings cosmetic helmet

Cosmetic items[edit]