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I Go by Foaly

I'm the founder and head of Fire of the Dragon, on Sarlona, the guild is a multi game guild. If you are on Sarlona and want to join our Guild the rules and laws along with other Bi laws are posted on the site also.

Links for convenience

But for the most part we are a semi casual guild but when we do run we destroy quests We also have a Discord channel but I don't post that to websites for obvious reasons.

I'll add more at some point. But that's all I can think of at the moment

--- Needs a tab or something need some help at some point

Common questions i'm asked when i'm Online: Q:How do you so much about the game? A:Honestly its just running quests over and over again getting know where stuff spawns what to expect and so on.

Q:How do I know if I'm raid ready? A:You don't until you try. different raids require different objectives and sometimes you or your group can't handle it.

Q:You say you solo a lot of stuff how do you manage it? A:Honestly just like how I know so much about the game I know the limits of my build and I know the quests I run and how to manage it.

Q:What do you mean you know the limits and stuff? A:well that was the TL;DR version of you question. I mainly build damage casters and I know my wizard build like the back of my hand. I also know my warlock build like the back of my hand. But I don't plan my builds at all mainly cause I know what i'm expecting to do with it. I know I can't handle much beyond reaper 2 as a caster but if I take my ranger in I know I will start to out damage my casters by leaps and bounds.

That is to say knowing what you are planning to run difficulty wise and what is in the content you are running can help in your selection of spells or even the type of DR and other gear you need it comes with knowing what happens in what level ranges. That comes with running quests over and over life after life. But past life help A FUCKING TON but you don't need them per say I've had first life toon's Solo quests that even my main's can do but it comes down to knowing your character what that can and can't do. There are a few people on every server that have NEVER Tr'd a character or even any characters.