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Daily Dice

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Daily Dice rules of play

Earn daily rewards from the Dungeon Master just for logging in!

Daily Dice is an in-game lottery introduced in Update 17 Patch 1. It can be accessed from the start menu (and you can drag that icon to a hot bar), by clicking the icon that displays in your character portrait/health bar when a free roll is available, or by programming a keyboard key in "Ctrl+O→Key Mapping→Panels".

Each account gets a free roll on the Silver Chest loot table once per server every 16 hours (timer starts when you use the roll). VIP players get a free roll on the Gold Chest once a week per server.

Players can spend Astral Shards for additional Gold or Silver rolls if desired. You can reduce the cost of a roll on the Gold Chest table (by 3 shards) by forgoing a Silver roll that day.

Be very careful when using the Daily Dice - There is no confirmation popup or dialog box to warn you that you are spending Astral Shards for your rolls. You must look closely at the circle just below the word "ROLL!" and make sure it says "0" for your free roll. If there is a number in the circle greater than zero, that is the amount of astral shards you will be charged for that roll.

Tip: If your computer date/time is not set properly, the free roll icon can light up even if your free roll is not available at that moment. Set your computer date/time properly to prevent this from happening.

As of U18.1, most rewards are unbound (collectables, common potions) or bound to account (DDO Store loot). Many (all?) bound to character rewards won before the release of U18.1 are now BtA (retroactive change).

As of Update 19, each roll grants a prize of experience points in addition to the other prizes. The amount of experience depends on how well you roll. Gold rolls bestow more than Silver rolls. The experience is granted as an item (Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire). Doubleclick it to consume the item and gain the exp.

As of U38.1, Daily Dice has been overhauled with new rewards added and some older items becoming more rare.

When a Daily Dice Bonus week is active, the dice XP awarded are increased (usually doubled). The increase is applied to the actual XP item that is awarded; e.g. a 1500 xp item becomes a 3000 xp item.


Silver Daily Dice
  • One free roll per day (technically, every 16 hours).
  • Free rolls can't be saved or accumulated; if you don't log in or don't roll for a day, that roll is "lost".
  • Rolls after the free one cost 3 Astral Shards.
Roll Rewards (as stated on UI) Example of actual rewards
1-20 Experience Points
  • 100 Experience points
21-40 Platinum
(Platinum + 200 XP)
  • 200 Experience points
  • 950 - 1100 Platinum
41-60 Protections
(Temporary defensive bonuses + 300 XP)
61-80 Buffs
(Offense-based consumable items + 400 XP)
81-90 Questing Tools
(Useful tools for adventuring & appearances + 500 XP)
91-96 Boosts
(Boosts to Experience, Slayers, Offense, Defense, + 750 XP)
97-99 Items
(Tomes, Bigger Experience Potions, + 1000 XP)
100 Uncommon Items
(Tomes, rare rewards, Lesser Hearts, + 1500 XP)

Average Experience points per roll = 340 xp


Gold Daily Dice
  • Costs 15 Astral Shards
    • You can skip your free Silver roll to reduce this cost to 12 Astral Shards.
  • Until the end of 2022, VIP players get a free roll on the Gold Chest once per day.
Roll Rewards (as stated on UI) Example of actual rewards
1-20 XP & Platinum
(Platinum + 1000 XP)
  • 1000 Experience points
  • 9000 - 12000 Platinum
21-40 Uncommon Currencies
(Cannith Essences, Mysterious Remnants, Collectables + 2000 XP)
  • 2000 Experience points
41-60 Questing Tools
(Toolkits, Bigby's Hands, & More + 3000 XP)
61-80 Boosts & Buffs
(Experience Potions, PRR Potions, & More + 4000 XP)
81-90 Improved Boosts
(Major Slayer Potions, Excellent XP Potions, & More + 5000 XP)
91-96 Rare Boosts & Upgraders
(Tomes, Named Treasure Boosts, + 7500 XP)
97-99 Rare Items
(Tomes & More + 10000 XP + One Cosmetic or Pet)
100 Ultra Rare Items
(Bigger Tomes & More + 15000 XP + One Cosmetic or Pet)

Average Experience points per roll = 3400 xp