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Delera's Graveyard

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Delera's Graveyard
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From left to right: HumbleFriar's and Cisren's gravestones, and Gary Gygax's memorial.

On the outskirts of southeast House Jorasco, just east of the prominent airship tower, lies Delera’s Graveyard, the final resting place of Delera Omaren, one of the richest and most generous citizens in living memory of Stormreach.

After her death, Delera dedicated her remaining fortune to establishing a final resting place for the poor, the graveyard which surrounds her tomb. But behind this generosity lies many dark secrets which can only be exposed by those brave enough to explore Delera's Tomb.


  • As of Update 7, this area became accessible to Free to Play accounts, as the zone became the setting for the Mabar Endless Night Festival. The quest entrances within the zone, however, still require a VIP account or purchase of the Delera's Tomb adventure pack.
  • Update 7's adjustments for the Mabar Festival reoriented the entrance and NPC used in the last Delera's Tomb quest, Thrall of the Necromancer.
  • On the first path south from the entrance, players can find a memorial to Gary Gygax, co-creator of the original Dungeons & Dragons game. Before his death in 2008, Gygax had become the Dungeon Master narrator for most of the adventures found in Delera's Graveyard. A similar memorial to co-creator Dave Arneson can be found in the Ruins of Threnal wilderness area (where he also lent his voiceover as the Dungeon Master narrator). The developers of DDO made end-rewards in memory of both creators: the set items Voice of the Master and Mantle of the Worldshaper. In subtle respect to the all-knowing dungeon masters, the united set grants a player True Seeing.
    • As of February 2019, the memorial also includes a gravestone commemorating Cisren, the developer who created the Delera's Tomb quests.
    • In the May 2023 update (Update 59 Patch 1 Release Notes), a gravestone commemorating SSG developer HumbleFriar was added to the memorial.