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Spell penetration

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Spell Penetration check[edit]

Spell Resistance (SR) is a special anti-spell defense possessed by some creatures. Spell Resistance is an additional layer of defense against most non-damaging magical attacks, in that it adds an extra roll that the caster has to make for his magic to "land" on that target.

Spell Resistance only matters if the spell's creature actually has it, and the spell being cast is one that can be stopped by Spell Resistance. In DDO, spells that most purely cause damage ignore Spell Resistance.

Spell Penetration is the act of trying to penetrate that defense. Spell penetration roll is a caster level check, i.e. you roll 1d20 + caster level. This roll is modified by additional bonuses listed below.

Spell Penetration feats[edit]

Spell Penetration enhancements[edit]

Item enchantments[edit]

The Spell Penetration item enchantment gives an equipment bonus to spell penetration checks. Notable sources:

  • Named items: +1 to +9
  • Randomly generated caster weapons: +1 to +7
  • Cannith Crafted Items: +1 to +6
  • Crafted Thunder-Forged items: +7 (Tier 2 upgrade)
  • Slave Lords Crafting: +7 (Legendary version)
  • Topaz of Spell Penetration: +1 to +5
  • Historical: Previously, an item's Spell Penetration bonus applied only for spells up to a given level, for instance a Spell Penetration III Dagger would give a +2 bonus for spells of the levels 1, 2, and 3. Items with these enchantments have been retroactively converted to new format.

Insight bonus[edit]

  • Random generated items: +1 to +4
  • Cannith Crafted items: +1 to +3
  • Named items +1 to +5

Other bonuses[edit]

Effects which increase your caster level also increase your spell penetration checks.

Maximum spell penetration[edit]

Breakdown as of Update 35:

Favored Soul

  • 20 Levels


  • 3 Sun-Elf, Elf, or Dragonborn (Arcanum)
  • 4 Angel of Vengance (Spell Penetration) Note: Bards get 5 from Spellsinger Tree. Warlock and Wizard get +3 from Tainted Scholar and Archmage, respectively.


Epic Destiny Abilities and Twists

  • 5 Epic Destiny Caster Levels
  • 3 Piercing Spellcraft (Magister)
  • 2 Echoes of Ancestor: Wizard


  • 2 Spell Penetration
  • 2 Greater Spell Penetration
  • 4 Epic Spell Penetration
  • 61 Spell Penetration before Past Life Feats (62 if Spellsinger)

Past Life Feats

  • 6 Wizard Past Lives
  • 3 Favored Soul Past Lives
  • 70 Spell Penetration with Past Life Feats (71 if Spellsinger)

(DDO Forums)

Temporary Buffs

  • 3 Spellsinger Tier 4 Spell Penetration - Inspire Competence
  • 73 Spell Penetration with Past Life Feats and temp buffs (71 if Spellsinger - Already counted above)