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Item:Thread of Fate

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Get threads from end game raids

Icon Thread of Fate.png Thread of Fate is an end-game raid currency introduced in Update 41 as an incentive for players to run a variety of raids at cap, rather than just the few they specifically want gear from. Threads of Fate are Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire.


You can find Threads in the end chests of at-cap raids, regardless of Tier. They are not passable in-chest, and can go into your Green Bag in stacks of up to 10,000.

  • Different raids yield different amounts. Longer and harder raids yield more.
  • Drop rates increase with difficulty. Elite and Reaper give the same reward.
Yields of initial data/0#0 DDO Vault
Raid Tier Normal Hard Elite/Reaper
Defiler of the Just 1 10 12 14
Fire on Thunder Peak 1 12 15 18
Temple of the Deathwyrm 1 12 15 18
The Mark of Death 1 8 11 13
Legendary Hound of Xoriat 2 6 8 10
Legendary Shroud 2 15 9 (x2†) 11 (x3†)
Legendary Tempest's Spine 2 13 15 19
Riding the Storm Out 2 19 21 25
Killing Time 3 20 24 28
Old Baba's Hut 3 15 19 24
The Curse of Strahd 3 20 24 26
Legendary Vision of Destruction 4 20 25 30
Legendary Lord of Blades 4 20 (x2*) 25 (x2*) 30 (x2*)
Too Hot to Handle 4 25 30 35
Project Nemesis 4 25 30 35
Legendary Master Artificer 4 25 (x2*) 30 (x2*) 35 (x2*)
The Dryad and the Demigod 4 25 (x2*) 30 (x2*) 35 (x2*)
Hunt or Be Hunted 4 25 (x2*) 30 (x2*) 35 (x2*)
Skeletons in the Closet 5 29 (x2*) 29 (x2*) 35 (x2*)

† These raids have differing numbers of end chests depending on what difficulty they were completed on. The first number is the number of Threads in one chest, the second is the number of chests (if no multiplier is shown, there is only one chest.)

* These raids contain optional objectives that, if completed, grant one or more bonus end chests that contain extra Threads of Fate. The multiplier in brackets gives the maximum value if the optionals are completed. See individual pages for details.


Most rewards are available by double-clicking the Threads of Fate in your inventory.

  • 250: New Filigree
  • 500: Upgrade a claimed new-filigree to Rare version (total 750 threads)
  • 500: Spark of Memory
  • 1000/2000: Adding Mythic +2 / Mythic +4 to the White Plume Mountain raid-level items (Wave, Whelm, Blackrazor, Frostblade, and Angdrelve - as well as their alternate slot variants) that are earned via Schism Shards from Killing Time
  • 250 + 10000 Mysterious Remnants: +3 Upgrade Tome of Magic Resistance / Physical Resistance /Melee Power / Ranged Power / Spell Power
  • 1000 + 12500 Mysterious Remnants: +4 Upgrade Tome of Magic Resistance / Physical Resistance /Melee Power / Ranged Power / Spell Power
  • 5000: Exclusive Cosmetic: Diadem of Glory
  • 250: Empty Soul Vessel
Nearly Finished
Altar of Legendary Rituals
To upgrade old raid gear, use the altar in Halls of Heroes (near the Stormreach teleporter)
Upgrade Pre-U41 Raid Loot
  • In the Halls of Heroes north of the entrance to the White Plume Mountain quest, click on the "Re-acquire Raid Loot" altar (see picture to the right) in order to exchange 50 Threads of Fate to upgrade Raid Loot acquired before U41 to boost its power level to appropriate values and lower its minimum level. This will allow already earned Raid Loot to be boosted to appropriate values without requiring you to re-run Raids for that specific piece of gear.
  • Beware: Upgrading in effect destroys the old item and creates a new (improved) one, so the process removes any/all Augments, Sentience, Mythic and Reaper bonuses, and Stone of Change effects from an item.

Double filigrees[edit]

The Filigrees introduced in U41 belong to two Filigree Sets, but fit in just one Filigree Slot. They fully stack with all other Filigree, except for themselves or their Rare Version. They have double the standard bonuses for their basic and Rare stats.

  • Sucker Punch/One Against Many: +2 Strength (Rare: +4 Melee Power)
  • Treachery/Twilight's Cloak: +2 Dexterity (Rare: +4 Physical Resistance Rating)
  • Dance of the Wind/Next Fall: +2 Dexterity (Rare: +4 Physical Resistance Rating)
  • Soul Weaver/Splendid Cacophony: +2 Constitution (Rare: +4 Physical Resistance Rating)
  • Snake Bite/Grandfather's Shield: +2 Constitution (Rare: +4 Physical Resistance Rating)
  • Eye of the Beholder/Inevitable Grave: +2 Intelligence (Rare: +8 Universal Spellpower)
  • Zarigan's Arcane Enlightenment/Voltaic Experiment: +2 Intelligence (Rare: +4 Magical Resistance Rating)
  • Celerity/Vigilance: +2 Wisdom (Rare: +4 Magical Resistance Rating)
  • Hell and Back/Embraced by Light: +2 Charisma (Rare: +4 Magical Resistance Rating)
  • Sanctified Fervor/Reverberation: +2 Charisma (Rare: +4 Magical Resistance Rating)
  • Purity/Touch of Grace: +20 Healing Amplification (Rare: +4 Magical Resistance Rating)
  • Nystul's Mystic Defense/Electrocution: +6 MRR (Rare: +4 Magical Resistance Rating)
  • The Blood Feast/Frozen Wanderer: +6 PRR (Rare: +4 Physical Resistance Rating)
  • Bravery Throughout/Shattered Device: +6 PRR (Rare: +4 Physical Resistance Rating)
  • Spines of the Manticore/The Wreath of Flame: +6 Ranged Power (Rare: +4 Ranged Power)

Other Notes[edit]

Bug: Threads of Fate can behave weirdly if stored in the shared ingredient bank - make sure you have sufficient inventory space to store everything you're removing, or the excess Threads may be deleted.

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