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Cauldron of Flame

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Icon Enhancement Cauldron of Flame.png
Name: Cauldron of Flame
Spell Level:
Components: None
SLA: Henshin Mystic (Monk)
Cost: 30 Ki
Metamagic: None
Target: Foe
Range: Self
Duration: 30 seconds
Saving Throw: Reflex, half
DC: 10 + Monk level + Wisdom modifier + Stunning Bonuses
Spell Resistance: No
Cooldown: 60 seconds


Fire Ki Spell-Like ability: You expend 30 ki to will flame into the world around you. Enemies around you take 2d6 fire damage every 2 seconds, increasing by an additional 2d6 damage every 2 seconds that you remain standing in the flames. This damage scales with 2x Melee Power. If you leave the area of the flames, this effect ends. A successful reflex save (DC 10 + monk level, + Wisdom modifier + Stunning Bonuses) reduces damage by half. While wielding a quarterstaff inside your Cauldron of Flame, you gain +20 PRR, +10 MRR, and +15% Dodge that ignores Dodge Cap.