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Skill bluff.png Bluff (Charisma)


Cooldown: 15 Seconds

When used successfully on a hostile monster, the monster briefly becomes vulnerable to Sneak Attack damage regardless of whom it's attacking. Several enemy types are immune to Bluffing, including undead, oozes, vermin, animals, and magical beasts. Also, with a high enough Bluff skill, certain NPC dialogues will have additional options.

A successful Bluff lasts for 4 seconds.

When making a Bluff attempt, the game rolls a Bluff check (1d20 + total Bluff skill) and compares the total roll against bluff resistance. If the roll is greater than or equal to this value, the Bluff succeeds.

Bluff resistance in Update 33 Patch 2 Release Notes (Torc):

  • Normal: creature level (CR) + quest level
  • Hard: multiply by 1.25
  • Elite: multiply by 1.5

Bluff's difficulty scaling has been toned down (Update 34).

Bluff difficulty does not increase with each attempt. (Torc)

Bluff also adds 40% threat reduction during its duration.

Bluff does not require line of sight to the target.

Pulling with Bluff[edit]

A successful Bluff against an idle monster alerts it to your presence and draws aggro. The monster turns hostile on its own, though, without alerting its allies.

If you combine this fact with the fact that you can Bluff from behind total cover, Bluff can be a good ambush skill to pick enemies off one by one rather than taking them all on at once and being overwhelmed. However, bear in mind that enemies who attack primarily using ranged weapons or spells will attack in place, rather than being pulled away.

When you fail the bluff check, the target attacks you along with all nearby friends.

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