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Shadow Over Wheloon

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Shadowfell Conspiracy adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Shadowfell Conspiracy

Wheloon Prison has been on the brink of collapse ever since a strange magical manifestation appeared around Oldstone Hall. The Cormyrean authorities are looking for a brave adventurer willing to take on Prison's Problems.

Heroic version (level 16) bestowed by Davny Selkin, Epic version (level 26) bestowed by Edric Crastmere, both in the northwest section of Eveningstar or the northwest section of Wheloon Docks (near the ramp up to Wheloon Prison). The quest givers are all in the Wheloon Docks, near the chain givers.

Quest NameQuest LevelBase FavorPatronCasualNormalHardElite
A Lesson in Deception16/267Purple Dragon Knights
Army of Shadow16/267Purple Dragon Knights
Friends in Low Places16/267Purple Dragon Knights
The Thrill of the Hunt16/266Purple Dragon Knights
Through a Mirror Darkly16/267Purple Dragon Knights
Total5 Quests34 
 ♣74,624Epic Casual
 ♦127,993Epic Normal
 ♥131,609Epic Hard
 ♠135,225Epic Elite

Chain reward[edit]

Upon completing all the above quests, the original chain giver NPC offers you a List of named items  that are chest drops within the arc. Plus, the list sometimes includes a random item with the Wondrous Craftsmanship property on it. This can be a new kind of item, a "Compass" which equips to the Trinket slot. The item is typically, but not always, for a jewelry or clothing slot.

Named items are all Normal version, and both named items and random Jewelry/Clothing are BtCoE. (The random Jewelry/Clothing also appears in chests in the pack. It cannot be used for Cannith Crafting, but some types are eligible for use as Sentient Weapon food.)

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