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Owlbear Defender

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Level 17 Owlbear Defender contract
Level 25 Owlbear Defender contract

Name: Owlbear Defender

Race: Owlbear

Gender: Male


  • Claw/Bite - Piercing/Slashing


  • 50% acid absorption
  • 50% electric absorption
  • 50% cold absorption
  • 50% fire absorption
  • 50% sonic absorption
  • Limited ability to heal themselves

Level 25 Owlbear[edit]

  • 200 Physical Resistance Rating
  • DR 15/-
  • Death Ward
  • Heavy Fortification
  • 30% healing amplification
  • STR 91 DEX 38 CON 53 INT 12 WIS 20 CHA 14

Level 17 Owlbear[edit]

  • STR 61 DEX 28 CON 38 INT 12 WIS 18 CHA 14


The Owlbear Defender is a special hireling that players will receive if they purchase the Legendary Upgrade pack at the same time as the Shadowfell Conspiracy expansion pack.

Each character will receive two Owlbears - one at level 17 and one at level 25. The contracts go into a hireling contract folder if a character owns one. Unlike other hireling contracts, they never expire. They can be summoned at levels 15 and 23 respectively, and so will break a Bravery Bonus if summoned during those dungeon runs.

The Owlbear Defender is treated as a Gold Seal hireling for a couple of purposes:

  • This affects Dungeon Scaling like any Gold Seal hireling (i.e., less than an extra player or regular hireling).
  • This also allows you to summon her anywhere in any dungeon - but not raids.
  • Acts as a party member, and takes up a party slot.
  • Unlike all other hirelings, multiple party members can summon their own Owlbear.
  • Shown as 'Race: Owlbear' in the inspection window, and as such is of Magical Beast type and can have Animal Growth and similar spells cast upon it.