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Onyx Panther

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Onyx Panther
Onyx Panther's Contract Description
Onyx Panther's Focus Orb

Name: Onyx Panther

Race: Panther

Gender: Female

A miniature statuette of a panther. When tossed down and the command word is spoken, it becomes a living panther that obeys and serves its owner.

Hireling Details:
Level 20 Fighter with 638 HP and no SP, offering the following commands on the hotbar:

Sunder icon.png Trip icon.png Intimidate icon.png Diplomacy icon.png


General Information:
Onyx Panther is a special Fighter hireling - pet that players will receive if they pre-ordered the collectors edition of Menace of the Underdark. Each character receives this bonus. This hireling contract goes into hireling contract folder if a character owns one. Unlike other hireling contracts, it never expires.

Onyx Panther is a level 20 Gold Seal hireling. She can be used at level 18 and later. Note that her high level might affect quest experience.

She is treated as a Gold Seal hireling for a couple of purposes:

  • This affects Dungeon Scaling like any Gold Seal hireling (i.e., less than an extra player or regular hireling).
  • This also allows you to summon her anywhere in any dungeon - but not raids.
  • The panther acts as a party member, and takes up a party slot.

Unlike all other hirelings, multiple party members can summon their own panther.



Developer Confirmation

Originally Posted by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun Source on March 5, 2012

The Onyx Panther is a level 20 fighter. In all respects, it is treated as a Gold Seal hireling, except that the contract (the figurine used to summon it) has an unlimited duration. The figurine can be stored in a Hireling Contract Folder.

The Onyx Panther (or Battle Cat, as we like to call it) has, among other effects, Manslayer (vorpal vs. Humanoids), Improved Destruction, and Tendon Slice 10%.

Because, really, how could we make a giant panther and not give it Manslayer? It was too awesome an opportunity to pass up.

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source on March 5, 2012

The Panther has a number of "useful items" equipped, including ability score bonuses. (And deathblock, and heavy fortification, and a few other "standard adventuring items".)


  • This panther is a reference to Drizzt Do'Urden's panther named Guenhwyvar which he summons from a small statue.