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Item:Tome of Skill

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+3 Tome of Skill (Concentration +3)

Introduced in Update 18 a Tome of Skill, also known as a Skill Tome, is a rare and powerful book that permanently grants an +x inherent bonus to one skill, as noted when hovering over the skill.

Skill tomes come in the range of +1 to +5.

Skill tomes can be universal (e.g. those included with Shadowfell Conspiracy purchase) - you can select which skill to improve while reading the tome (except UMD). Another variety is skill specific tome, e.g. Tome of Skill (Perform +1).

Upgrade Tomes of Skill were introduced in Update 18.2.

Unwanted tomes can be traded in for Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments (BtA).

Acquired by:

Minimum level[edit]

Since Update 28 Patch 1, all newly acquired tomes have a minimum level of 1. Since Update 37 Patch 1, the inherent bonuses are applied according to the following table:

  • +1 and +2 bonuses will be applied at level 1 and higher
  • +3 bonuses will be applied at level 3 and higher
  • +4 bonuses will be applied at level 7 and higher
  • +5 bonuses will be applied at level 11 and higher

Using tomes[edit]

  • You open barter interface - once selected specific tome of skill appears in a backpack, select the skill you want to increase once in the game.
  • You cannot select Use Magic Device. UMD tomes are available separately but only from +1 to +5.


  • Inherent bonuses from tomes persist through Reincarnation (will survive through TR).
  • Note that only the most powerful version of a tome will apply (using two +1 tomes on the same skill will only provide one +1 total inherent bonus to that skill). Hover over your skills' total mods in your character sheet to see what inherent bonuses you may already have to each skill. This item is Bound to Account.
  • Skill tomes count for feat prerequisites, such as Single Weapon Fighting.
  • Stacks with ability tomes:
    • Allows use of trained skills, such as Tumble and(1) Perform, without ranks.
    • Does NOT allow use of class-specific trained skills, such as Disable Device and Open Lock, without ranks (unless you are in a relevant class).

Source: DDO Forums

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