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Favored weapon

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When you take your first level in a divine class (i.e. Cleric, Favored Soul, and Paladin),you get to choose a deity. Each deity has one favored weapon; as you take additional divine levels, you might get additional benefits.

Default favored weapons[edit]

Depending on your race, you can select one of the following: Bastard Sword, Dagger, Greatsword, Heavy Mace, Longbow, Longsword, Maul, Quarterstaff, Scimitar, Shortsword, Sickle, Warhammer

Weapon Deity Races
Quarterstaff Aureon Eberron races except Bladeforged
Dagger Blood of Vol Eberron races except Bladeforged
Greatsword Lord of Blades Bladeforged, Warforged only
Sickle Olladra Eberron races except Bladeforged
Warhammer Onatar Eberron races except Bladeforged
Longbow Silver Flame Eberron races except Bladeforged
Longsword Sovereign Host Eberron races except Bladeforged
Scimitar Undying Court Elf, Half-Elf only
Shortsword Vulkoor Drow only
Heavy Mace Amaunator Forgotten Realms races
Bastard Sword Helm Forgotten Realms races except Morninglord
Maul Silvanus Forgotten Realms races except Morninglord

Additional favored weapons[edit]

Certain abilities allow you to add another weapon or weapon group as an extra favored weapon.


Abilities that require favored weapons[edit]

Certain abilities require that you wield a favored weapon in your main hand.

  • War Soul enhancements and Warpriest enhancements
  • Divine Crusader T6: The Book of War: Wrath of the Divine: While wielding a Favored Weapon in your Main Hand, you gain +1 to Hit and Damage for every 2 Religious Lore Feats you have with all equipped weapons and shields. (1 Rank, 1AP)

Open issues[edit]

Nov 2020: ... there are a few abilities that grant extra Favored Weapons that work in most cases, but aren't working with FvS Grace/Knowledge of battle right now. Specifically, Dwarven Axe Training (for Dwarven Axes, Book of War (for a couple weapons from Divine Crusader), and Adept/Holy Combatant (a couple weapons from KOTC). We're working on a fix, won't be in the next patch but should hopefully be in one soon. DDO Forums