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Hall of the Mark

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Those whose veins flow with the blood of the great Houses may have the power to manifest dragonmarks, potent symbols of draconic prophecy.

Hall of the Mark
Heroic level: 1
Epic level: None
Duration: Short
Heroic XP:  ♣0Solo/Casual
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: Hall of the Mark
Bestowed by: Lockania
NPC contact: Lockania
Quest acquired in: The Marketplace
Patron: None
Base favor: (solo only)
Purchase: Free to Play
Extreme Challenge: No
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Lockania asked you to meet her in the Hall of the Mark. There, you would be able to study the dragonmarks that are present in Stormreach. She also said that if you proved a knowledge of the marks to her, she would examine your place in the prophecy, checking to see if your bloodline had the power to manifest a dragonmark.

See Dragonmark an overview about Dragonmarks and their history in DDO.

This quest simply allows any character to obtain a free Feat Respec Token, which can then be traded to Fred to change 1 feat for another (including to a Least Dragonmark feat) without costs.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!


  • Discover your bloodline

Tips and Misc

It is recommended to only do this quest just before you want to make a feat change. As this gives a temporary token, Epic Reincarnation will remove the Feat Respec Token.

You can do this quest and acquire the token at early levels, but you may wish to wait until later, when swapping to a new feat would cost more in dragonshards.

When you enter the Hall, you will see Lockania and six books.

Lockania dialog

  • Lockania: Argonnessen has a keen interest in the Dragonmarks borne by adventurers here in Stormreach.
  • Lockania: I shall ask you some questions about the history of Dragonmarks -- if you prove your knowledge, then we shall explore your ability to manifest one.
    • You: I am ready. Ask your questions (See next section)
    • You: Wait, I need to learn more about Dragonmarks before we begin!
      • Lockania: This hall contains the knowledge that the dragons of Argonnessen have acquired about Dragonmarks.
      • Lockania: Feel free to peruse it, and return to me when you are ready.

Lockania Q&A

She will randomly choose a few questions from the list below. The answer given on this page is always the correct one.

  • Lockania: House Kundarak is responsible for what service?
    • You: Banking.
  • Lockania: Which race wears the Mark of Healing?
    • You: Halflings.
  • Lockania: Which house is the greatest military power?
    • You: House Deneith.
  • Lockania: What two guilds are operated by House Deneith?
    • You: Defenders and Blademarks.
  • Lockania: Which skill does the Mark of Making improve?
    • You: Repairing.
  • Lockania: What house created the lightning rail and the warforged?
    • You: House Cannith.
  • Lockania: Which now-lost mark appeared with the Mark of Shadow?
    • You: Mark of Death.
  • Lockania: What spell-like ability does the Greater Mark of Passage grant?
  • Lockania: What is House Phiarlan's secret business?
    • You: Espionage.
  • Lockania: Where did House Jorasco finally settle?
  • Lockania: Who operates the Courier's Guild and the lightning rail?
    • You: House Orien.
  • Lockania: When did the Mark of Warding appear, and amongst whom?
    • You: 2500 years ago, Dwarves.

Lockania completing the conversation

After you answer her, she will reply:

  • Lockania: You have demonstrated your knowledge. Now I will delve into the Prophecy and learn whether you shall bear a Dragonmark.
  • Lockania: ...
  • Lockania: Yes, yes... your bloodline traces back true. You most certainly have the potential to manifests a Dragonmark! You can wait for it to manifest naturally, or you may coax it to appear early. If that is what you wish, seek out a Mind Flayer named "Fred" in the House Jorasco Enclave. He has the ability to make your other latent talents manifest as well.
  • You: Thank you, Lockania.
  • Lockania: The power of the prophecy flows through your veins. Use it wisely.

Talking to her after completing the quest will only make her repeat:

  • Lockania: Seek out Fred in the House Jorasco enclave. He has the power to coax out the latent power in your bloodline.

Bonus XP

External Links

Video Walkthrough


  • Chests: none

NPC end rewards

50gp, Feat Respec Token (temporary virtual token)