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City of Sharn

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Sharn*, is the largest city (but not the capital) in the kingdom of Breland and indeed, the continent of Khorvaire. It is a melting pot of all races, with the human population being the largest but still only a third of Sharn's some 212,000 citizens.

(* The city of Sharn is often also called the City of Towers, but most often just "Sharn". However, the term "Sharn" may also be used to refer to the criminal organization the Sharn Syndicate.)

A vertical city, Sharn is linked with the plane of Syrania, granting enhanced power to flight and levitation magic, a feature that the city's residents have used to build towers that rise higher into the sky than any other place on Khorvaire and possibly the world of Eberron. Due to the myriad of cultures that live and have lived in Sharn, examples of architecture from all over Khorvaire can be found. Most of Sharn's wealthiest inhabitants live in the upper regions of the city, enjoying the freshest air and least claustrophobic views.

Points of interest[edit]

City view from the Docks District
PnP D&D 3.5 edition source book, originally released in 2004 and came with 9-track soundtrack CD

To access the Sharn city area, go to the Harbor east, nearby Lost at Sea quest giver, in Stormreach and talk to Captain Alban Dranmore.

Cliffside Docks District[edit]

Clifftop Tower District[edit]

Market area

  • Airship access
  • Trainers
  • Auctioneer
  • Barter shop
  • General vendor
  • Hireling vendor

Central dome area

Alcorin's Forge - Staging Area[edit]

Accessible by talking to Cogs guide in Sharn Tower District

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