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Hardcore League

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This server is now closed!

Hardcore League is a recurring event introduced in August 2019. For 90 days, you can play on a special perma-death server with some additional rules. It is only available for VIP.

Rules and mechanics[edit]

  • Basic rule: If you die, you're dead, drawn away to "the nether realm". No Raise Dead, no self-raises, no res shrines, no res cakes, no Jibbers, no nothing, thank you for playing, this character is done on the Hardcore League server. Period.
    • Deaths from quest-specific mechanics (such as The Shroud part 4 death) and /death command do count.
    • Death is Announced: World Broadcasts are sent to inform people what killed people at which level. (It doesn't announce the death of Level 1 characters.)
    • Once your character is sent to the nether realm, they will not be able to access the shared bank on the Hardcore League server, thus cannot transfer any item that is in their possession to any character.
    • Dead characters can't escape from the nether realm until a hardcore season ends, which means it prevents you to play these characters.
      • Dead characters will be returned from the nether realm to arrange your inventory and your bank slots.
      • Upon transferring your dead character to regular servers which stays in the weather realm still, It'll automatically bring you to Marketplace from there. You might want to transfer your character rather than to delete it if it has valuable items.
  • All characters start at level 1, even Iconics.
  • At Level 15, Iconics get their starting gear, as normal.
  • You cannot enter a dungeon if your level is more than 4 levels higher than the base challenge rating. ("Base" means the challenge rating on Normal difficulty.)
  • You cannot transfer characters to this server, but shortly* after the event is over you can transfer your characters (even dead ones) from the HCL server to any of the regular servers. This transfer is free.
(* This function is not immediate upon the end of the event, and is only available for a limited period of time, at the end of which the HCL server is (presumably) wiped clean and prepared for the next HCL event.)
  • Items in a Shared Bank, Mail, and any/all Guild Ship storage are not transferred. Take them on a Character when that character is transferred, or leave them behind.
  • Hirelings and the DDO Store are allowed. The goal is to be as close to live servers as possible.


Players can get exclusive cosmetic rewards for participating / meeting certain goals (favor, reaper XP, level).

Rewards NPC: At various places in the game world you can find a new NPC named Mortality. Mortality will grant cosmetic rewards to characters that have passed specific benchmarks. These rewards, once unlocked on a character on the Hardcore League Season server will be available for all characters on that account on all servers. When you reach a milestone, you have to talk to Mortality to claim your reward.

The rewards are account-wide, available on all servers.


Season one
Season two — Trial By Fire


  • Talking to the Mortality NPC also allows you to see top 100 performers in two categories: Total Favor and Reaper XP
  • The top 100 winners of the two ladders will be immortalized in the Hall of Heroes with a plaque featuring the character names.
  • When a character dies, their place on the leader board is lost.
  • If you would like to Reincarnate in a way that would reset your Favor, keep in mind that this reset to 0 Favor will likely push you off of the leaderboard.
  • Any character who reaches at least Level 5 and survives on the server will be recognized in The DDO Chronicle newsletter.

Wrap up[edit]

After the event, the server shuts down. Leaderboards are prepared and published. After a few days or weeks downtime, the server reopens for a couple of weeks; everyone revives, can access bank and mail, and all characters can be transferred to normal servers for free. The usual limitations of character transfer apply.

See official Hardcore League Wrap-up FAQ.

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