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Starting a...


Class Summary[edit]

Alignment: Any

Hit die: d6

Class Skills

Skill points at 1st level: (2 + Intelligence modifier) x4
Skill points at each additional level: 2 + Intelligence modifier
Skill concentration.png Concentration (Constitution)
Skill spellcraft.png Spellcraft (Intelligence)
Skill repair (skill).png Repair (Intelligence)

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies[edit]

Feat simpleweaponproficiency.png Proficiency with Club/Scepters, Daggers, Quarterstaves, Heavy Crossbows, Light Crossbows, and Throwing Daggers)
  • No armor proficiencies, as armor of any type interferes with a Wizard’s movements, which can cause their spells with somatic components to fail.

Past Lives[edit]


  • Necromancer
  • The Ingenious Sage
  • Elementalist

Prestige Enhancements[edit]

Advancement table[edit]

Wizards gain additional spell points by having high intelligence, check the tables here.

LevelBase Attack BonusFortitude SaveReflex SaveWill SaveAuto-Granted FeatsSpell Points1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th9th
1st+0/+0+0+0+2Bonus feat, Dismiss Charm, Inscribe Scroll1303--------
5th+2/+2/+7/+12+1+1+4Bonus feat230432------
10th+5/+5/+10/+15+3+3+7Bonus feat43055443----
15th+7/+7/+12/+17+5+5+9Bonus feat75555555432-
20th+10/+10/+15/+20+6+6+12Bonus feat1,205555555555

Note: Includes Base SP from Spell point table plus 80 SP from Magical Training free feat.

Class feats[edit]

Level 1[edit]

  • Arcane Lore (passive): Represents your knowledge of the arcane. This feat is received once for every wizard level.
  • Dismiss Charm (active): Activate this short-ranged ability while targeting a charmed, commanded, controlled, or dominated enemy that is under your control to dispel the controlling effect.
  • Inscribe Scroll (active): You are able to inscribe spells from scrolls into your spellbook. This action will destroy the scroll.

Bonus feats[edit]

Wizards can select bonus feats at levels 1, 5, 10, 15 & 20 from the following list:

See the full list here.


Wizards cast arcane spells and may know any number of spells from their list (unlike bards and sorcerers):

Wizards must choose and prepare their spells ahead of time:

  • Spells can be selected after resting at a rest shrine or while in a tavern
  • Wizards should decide which spells to prepare based on upcoming questing requirements

To inscribe, prepare or cast a spell, a wizard must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level:

Like other spellcasters, Wizards have a limited number of spell points and spell slots:

Wizard spells have Somatic components and invoke Arcane Spell Failure. Some spells have Material components - Wizards share their component list with Sorcerers

See also spell usefulness


Wizards must study their spellbook during the rest periods to prepare their spells. They cannot prepare any spell not inscribed into their spellbook.

Wizards begins play with a spellbook of (3 + Int modifier) 1st-level spells. At each new wizard level, they can add two new spells to their spellbook, from any spell level(s) that they can cast (based on their new wizard level). Wizards gain access to a new spell level every other wizard level (i.e. Level 1 spells at level 1, level 2 spells at level 3, level 3 spells at level 5 etc. up to level 9 spells at level 17).

Wizards may use the inscribe spell class feat on scrolls to add spells to their spell book. Doing so requires appropriately-leveled Inscription Materials, purchasable at magical supply shops (after Korthos).

Arcane Spells and Armor[edit]

Wizards and sorcerers do not know how to wear armor effectively.

If desired, they can wear armor anyway (though they’ll be clumsy in it), or they can gain training in the proper use of armor (with the various Armor Proficiency feats—light, medium, and heavy—and the Shield Proficiency feat), or they can multiclass to add a class that grants them armor proficiency. Even if a wizard or sorcerer is wearing armor with which they are proficient, however, it might still interfere with spellcasting.

Armor restricts the complicated gestures that a wizards or sorcerer must make while casting any spell that has a somatic component (most do). The armor and shield descriptions list the arcane spell failure chance for different armors and shields.

This Arcane Spell Failure is reduced and proficiency with Medium Armor, Shields (excluding tower), and Martial weapons granted if a Sorcerer or Wizard decides to take the appropriate Enhancements from the Eldritch Knight enhancement tree.

Note about class skills[edit]

In D&D 3.x, Wizards had all of the Knowledge skills as class skills. This allowed them to raise their int to very high levels while still being able to dump all their skill points into class skills. In DDO, all the Knowledge skills got removed, but no other skills were made Wizard class skills to compensate. As a result, Wizards cannot raise their int modifier above +1 (+0 if human) without being forced to dump skill points into cross-class skills.