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Haywire (NPC).jpg

Name: Haywire

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Male

Affiliation(s): Laughing Knives


Description: Haywire is the gadgeteer of the Laughing Knives, and an expert artificer, capable to even reanimate a marut. His true name is Phineas Hayward

Haywire Foundry[edit]

Haywire is stuck in his own foundry, locked by his own creations. He contacts and asks for your help via a multitude of Speaking Stones around the place. The first one you find is right after you are forced to destroy Assistant RC2:

  • Haywire: This is Haywire. Did Arlsie Forr send you?
  • Haywire: Well, it's not safe for me to come down there... you'll need to get to Master Control and shut down the defenses. Either that or blow up the whole gol'durn foundry!
    • You: How do I reach Master Control?
      • Haywire: Just ask RC2 to open the gates. Master Control is in the north wing of the Foundry.
        • You: Your assistant went berzerk and attacked me! (See below)
    • You: Your assistant went berzerk and attacked me!
      • Haywire: Blast! If that's true then they've infected the entire Foundry! I don't know what those slugs are, but I had a visitor not long ago—called himself an Inspired, whatever that means. Shifty fella—I bet he's behind this.
      • Haywire: Anyway, yer going to have to fight your way to Master Control. You'll need to use the controls in the Eastern and Western wings. That'll open up the gate to the Northern wing.
      • Haywire: Keep an eye out for more of these speakin' stones and I'll let you know what to do.

At the entrance to the Assembly, at the east wing, he will be able to pass more instructions:

  • Haywire: Assembly is just up ahead.
  • Haywire: There's a big brute in there named RC1, my first creation. He oversees production and was the first to get affected.
  • Haywire: Look for a lever on the second-floor corner of the chamber... you'll need to pull it to unlock the North Wing gate.

At the entrance to the Storage, at the west wing, he will be able to pass more instructions:

  • Haywire: I use this area for storage so it shouldn't be too difficult to get through. Most of the Warforged in there are packed away in crates. Utterly harmless!
  • Haywire: The lever you need to pull is atop the gantry that runs the length of the room.

If you open the passage between Assembly and Storage (where the shrine is), there is also a speaking stone there:

  • Haywire: Rest here and regain your strength. But don't spend too much time here... you gotta get to Master Control and stop those slugs!

At the north wing, you can talk to him again when you approach the gate to the Master Control room:

  • Haywire: You still alive? Good to hear!
  • Haywire: There's a key I use for emergencies but it's locked up inside a vault. You'll need that key to access Master Control.
  • Haywire: I'd tell you the combination, but it changes daily... and I'd need to be able to see the darn thing.
  • Haywire: Colors, you hear? It's all colors...

After you defeat the Master Control Unit, he can contact you again near the self-destruct lever:

  • Haywire: It tears me heart out, but you're gonna have to blow up the Foundry.
  • Haywire: Pull the switch for the self-destruct sequence, and then escape through the hatch when it opens.
  • Haywire: Don't dawdle in there! You don't want to be in the Foundry when it goes critical.

While you are escaping the foundry, he will tell you while you run:

  • Haywire: I know you're running fer your life, but this is important. Keep yer ears perked for further instructions as you hustle outta there!
  • Haywire: There's a blast door up ahead. Keep running until you reach the exit... and hurry!
  • Haywire: As soon as I see someone reach the exit, I'm gonna count to twenty and seal the blast doors. There ain't time to wait for stragglers.

After the foundry blow up, you are finally able to meet him in person:

  • Haywire: Ah, too bad about the factory. I sunk all my ill-gotten gains into it and for what?
  • Haywire: Eh well, I guess I'll be taking on jobs with Marek and the Laughing Knives again. Gotta fatten up the ol' bank account if I want to rebuild the workshop.

The Vault of Night[edit]

Haywire is found guarding the east entrance to the Maintenance room. If you talk to him, he will say:

  • Haywire : I've cobbled together a little gadget I call 'Haywire's Voice.'
  • Haywire : It'll make you sound just like the Vault's chief administrator, old Otto Knucklebones. That'll fool the Speaking Stones into following your orders.
  • Haywire : Mark my words, you'll need their help in order to set things right!
  • You: Give me Haywire's Voice so that I can control the Speaking Stones.
  • Haywire : Are you sure? We only scrapped up enough equipment for each member of your party to take a single boon.
  • Haywire : If you choose Haywire's Voice, you won't be able to use the tools that Dirge, Orphne and Veil brought along.
  • Haywire : Do you want to talk to them before making your decision?
    • You: I'm certain. Lend me the haywire's Voice. (Receive Haywire's Voice)
      • Haywire : Haywire's Voice is yours to command. May it serve you well!
    • You: I'd better talk to the other Laughing Knives first.

After you already acquired an item from one of the members of the Laughing Knives, he will say:

  • Haywire : You go get 'em, sonny.

Made to Order[edit]

Haywire is stuck (again) in the secure room of his new foundry.

The Prisoner[edit]


Type: Dwarf (List)

Race: Dwarf (List)

Monster Manual classification: Dwarf

Alignment: Unknown

Boss: Orange Named - Mini boss

CR:  ♥31Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite

Special Qualities: None


Description: Illusions of Dirge of Karrnath, Haywire, Marek Malcanus, Shen Kulle, and Veil only spawn on Epic Hard and Epic Elite difficulties. They appear at the end fight once Orphne's Shadow has attacked. They do not have to be killed for the quest to complete.