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Favored Enemy

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Feat favoredenemy.png
Favored Enemy


At first level a Ranger selects a type of creature from the favored enemy list. At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter (10th, 15th, and 20th) the Ranger selects an additional creature type from the favored enemy list. When fighting a Favored Enemy, you gain +2 Damage for each Favored Enemy feat you have. If you have more than one Favored Enemy feat that applies to a particular Enemy, the damage applies for each type that matches a favored Enemy feat you have.


  • If a creature is affected by two Favored Enemy selections (such as a Chaotic Evil Outsider attacked by a character with both FE: Chaotic Outsider and FE: Evil Outsider) then both effects stack (Source).
  • Dark Hunters, an archetype variant of Ranger, have a very limited selection of Favored Enemy types to choose from. These are, in total: Aberration, Animal, Elf, Human, Monstrous Humanoid, and Vermin. These otherwise work identically to a standard Ranger's Favored Enemies.

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Additional sources of the feat[edit]

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Additional effects:[edit]

Monster types[edit]

Specific exceptions or examples are listed in parenthesis after the race. Click each race (or type) to go to its page, where you can find detailed descriptions and a list of all monsters of that race (or type).

Note that not all monster types are available for selection as a Ranger's Favored Enemy, nor are all found as Bane effects on weapons.

Type Specific Races Ranger
Bane Type
Alternate Weapon
Bane Type
Aberration Beholder, Dream Reaver, Drider, Drow Scorpion, Evil Eye, Eye Horror, Mimic, Mind Flayer, Rust Monster, Taken, Will o' Wisp Yes Harper Tier III Aberration bane
Air Outsider Chaotic Neutral Outsiders: Djinn Yes1 - none Chaotic outsider bane
Mephit No1 - none
Animal Bat, Bear, Dog, Hyena, Lion, Rat, Wolf Yes DWS Tier V,
Falconry Tier I
Animal bane
Construct Animated Object, Golem, Inanimate Object, Inevitable, Iron Defender, Warforged Titan Yes Harper Tier III Construct bane
Dragon Black Dragon, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon Yes DWS Tier V,
Harper Tier III
Dragon bane
Dwarf Duergar, Dwarf Yes DWS Tier V Dwarf bane
Earth Outsider Mephit No1 - none
Elemental Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Invisible Stalker, Muckman, Water Elemental Yes - Elemental bane
Elf Drow Elf, Elf Yes DWS Tier V Elf bane
Evil Outsider Chaotic Evil Outsiders: Demon (Tanar'ri) Yes1 Harper Tier III,
Horizon Walker Tier II
Chaotic Outsider bane
Lawful Evil Outsiders: Devil (Baatezu), Reaper Yes1 Lawful Outsider bane
Miscellaneous Evil Outsiders: Daelkyr, Efreeti, Hag (Green Hags and Night Hags only), Hellhound, Rakshasa, Quori, Salamander, Scorpion (Spawn of Vulkoor and Wrathspawn only), Tiefling, Yugoloth Yes1 Lawful or Chaotic Outsider bane, depending upon alignment
Fey Dryad, Satyr Yes Shiradi Tier IV none
Fire Outsider Mephit No1 - none
Giant Giant , Ogre, Ogre Magi, Troll Yes DWS Tier V,
Harper Tier III
Giant bane
Gnoll Gnoll Yes DWS Tier V,
Gnoll bane
Goblinoid Bugbear, Hobgoblin Yes DWS Tier V,
Deep Gnome
Goblinoid bane
Good Outsider Chaotic Good Outsiders: Bralani Eladrin, Ghaele Eladrin Yes1 - none Chaotic Outsider bane
Halfling Halfling Yes DWS Tier V Halfling bane
Human Human Yes DWS Tier V Human bane
Lawful Outsider Devil, Efreeti, Hellhound, Rakshasa, Reaper Yes1 - Lawful Outsider bane
Living Construct Warforged No - Construct bane
Magical Beast Bat (Fiendish Bats, etc.), Fiendish Scorpion, Fiendish Spider, Hyena (Messenger of Prairies only), Lion, Manticore, Panther, Purple Worm, Razor Cat, Spider (Crimson Foot Spiders, Phase Spiders, Whisperdoom, etc.), Wolf (Worgs and Winter Wolves only) Yes DWS Tier V Magical Beast bane
Monstrous Humanoid Gargoyle, Hag (Forest Hags only), Medusa, Minotaur, Sahuagin, Werewolf, Wildman, Yuan-ti Yes DWS Tier V,
Harper Tier III
Monstrous Humanoid bane
Native Outsider Native Evil Outsiders: Tiefling Yes1 - Evil
Lawful or Chaotic Outsider bane, depending upon alignment
Ooze Arcane Ooze, Black Pudding, Gelatinous Cube, Gray Ooze, Ochre Jelly, Spell, Violet Slime Yes - Ooze bane
Orc Half-Orc, Orc Yes DWS Tier V Orc bane
Plant Kelpie, Plant Creature, Shambling Mound, Vine Stalker, Wood Woad, Twig Blight, Vine Blight, Needle Blight Yes DWS Tier V Plant bane
Reptilian Kobold, Lizardfolk, Troglodyte Yes DWS Tier V,
Deep Gnome
Reptilian bane
Undead Beholder (Doomspheres only), Blue Dragon (Auraxyllon and Eternity only), Fire Elemental (Cinderspawn only), Human (Death Knights only), Ghast, Ghoul, Lich, Mummy, Quell, Rat, Shadow, Skeleton, Spectre, Vampire, Wheep, Wight, Wraith, Zombie Yes Harper Tier III,
Vistani Tier I
Undead bane
Vermin Scorpion, Spider Yes DWS Tier V Vermin bane

Notes re Ranger's Favored Enemies:

1) For Outsiders, a Ranger may select "Chaotic Outsider", "Evil Outsider", and/or "Lawful Outsider" (each separately). The "Race" category of the monster does not distinguish by alignment, so these Favored Enemies tend to overlap some Outsiders and miss others. Mephits are "True Neutral", not Chaotic, Evil or Lawful, and so are not covered by any of a Ranger's possible choices.

Note also that...

  • Humanoid bane covers many of the above types. From the Hold Person spell, it includes Kobolds, Goblinoids, Troglodytes, all Player Races (except Warforged), "...and more." It is only found on randomly-generated weapons, and is not a possible choice for a Ranger's Favored Enemy.
  • Incorporeal creatures fit multiple types above (e.g. Evil Outsider, Undead). Both Lesser and Greater Incorporeal Bane exist in game, on the Phase Hammer, Assassin's Kiss, and Epic Assassin's Kiss and on randomly generated Cannith Crafted weapons. Note that Incorporeal Bane does not imply Ghost touch.
  • Natural bane, a designation found only on historic randomly-generated and historic Cannith Crafted weapons, covers all of Animals, Vermin, Magical Beasts, Plants and Fey.
  • Unnatural bane, a designation found on Hunter's Slayer, randomly-generated weapons, and Cannith Crafted weapons, covers all of Monstrous Humanoids, Aberrations, and Undead.
  • Ooze bane does not make a weapon immune to breakage or splitting. (See Everbright)
  • Note that several races are listed under multiple types. This is unavoidable, as certain factors cause monsters of the same race to fall under different types. For example, most blue dragons are Dragon type, but Auraxyllon and Eternity are undead, and so fall under the Undead type. The same goes for undead beholders, humans, and rats. Similarly, "Evil Outsiders" may or may not also be "Lawful Outsiders" or "Chaotic Outsiders", and so on.
  • Note on choosing a bane weapon: The general rule of thumb is to choose the bane type that corresponds to that particular monster's type, not race. In the example above, Auraxyllon is affected by undead bane, but not by dragon bane, even though it is a blue dragon. Likewise, Death Knights are affected by undead bane, but not human bane. The exception to this rule is that monsters of any of the various outsider types can also be affected by lawful outsider bane or chaotic outsider bane if those monsters are lawful or chaotic, respectively.

For more information on Dungeons & Dragons monsters, you can visit the D20 SRD: Monster page.