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Lord Gerald Goodblade

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Gerald Goodblade.jpg

Name: Gerald Goodblade

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Eye of the Titan

Affiliation(s): The Coin Lords


Notes: You first meet him at the Phiarlan Chapterhouse, telling stories to a group of people about how four years ago he gave the Sword of Tesyus to a country bumpkin who sold the sword for some copper. Later you meet him at the Inspired Quarter, making a fuss about a Warforged Titan he found out in a strange island.

When DDO first started (early '06), he was the quest-giver for starter quests - see "History" section, at bottom.

The Harbor[edit]

Gerald Goodblade can be seen between The Wayward Lobster and the south pier, telling one of his stories to Kylea d'Cannith and Zarzalia Shol d'Phiarlan.

  • Gerald Goodblade: It must have been... oh, four years ago...
  • Gerald Goodblade: ... I was strolling along the old harbor while considering where to go for my next grand adventure...
  • Gerald Goodblade: ... when but did I see a wide-eyed country bumpkin!
  • Gerald Goodblade: The <lad/lass> was obviously new to Stormreach. Eyes, wide as saucers, you see.
  • Gerald Goodblade: Naturally, I took pity on <him/her>. I offered myself as a guide to this great city...
  • Gerald Goodblade: ... and I even gave <him/her> the opportunity for some work.
  • Gerald Goodblade: It was nothing too strenuous; just a few simple errands that even a street urchin could have accomplished.
  • Gerald Goodblade: Sadly, even such simple tasks were nearly too much for the fellow.
  • Gerald Goodblade: Nevertheless, Lord Gerald Goodblade has never abandoned a companion!
  • Gerald Goodblade: I personally led <him/her> by hand, and showed the bumpkin what it took to survive in Stormreach.
  • Gerald Goodblade: At the end of the day, I knew <he/she> was still going to have a hard time here.
  • Gerald Goodblade: So in a great swell of pity, I bequeathed onto the <lad/lass> my own personal weapon...
  • Gerald Goodblade: ... the Sword of Tesyus!
  • Gerald Goodblade: Imagine, the Sword of Tesyus, great blade of the ancients... wielded by a noble lineage of great heroes...
  • Gerald Goodblade: ... which includes myself, of course. Now, the Sword was in the hands of this newcomer to Stormreach.
  • Gerald Goodblade: Imagine the great things that could have been done with the Sword of Tesyus!
  • Gerald Goodblade: The wrongs that could have been righted, the monsters that could have been defeated...
  • Gerald Goodblade: ... and instead, this country bumpkin sells the Sword of Tesyus for a paltry sum of copper.
  • Gerald Goodblade: (Sigh) The poor hapless fellow is probably face-down in a kobold sewer somewhere.

Note: This is actually a reference to his role pre-Korthos, where he gives the inexperienced player a weak sword he claims to be Tesyus, but is actually an Ornamental Sword that is worth a lot more than it actually is. In addition to that, Tesyus belongs to the Sovereign Host and was never owned by him - it was stolen by Duergar and later the player needs to retrieve it in A Relic of a Sovereign Past.


Gerald Goodblade can be seen in a corner of the ball room, telling the same story he repeats in the Harbor to a few nobles.

Inspired Quarter[edit]

Lord Gerald Goodblade is showcasing his new finding while screaming advertises to everyone that is nearby.

  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Ladies and gentlefolk, step right up!
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Come on, don't be shy! For I am the great Lord Goodblade, and I give you my guarantee of wonders beyond mortal understanding!
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Never before have the good people of Stormreach seen something of such great import!
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Behold! Goodblade's grand, um... Draco-Forged Statue of... er... Ultimate Truth!

If you try to talk to him while at level 16 or lower, he will reply:

  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: I'm afreaid this exhibit isn't for you, my little miss.
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Come back once you've gained some experience in the world!

If you are at level 17 or higher, however, he will reply:

  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Greetings my good <sir/madam>! Step right up and examine this Ancient Draco-Forged Statue of Ultimate Truth!
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: This is a once in a lifetime chance to bear witness to the wonders of the Outer Planes!
    • You: Ultimate truth, huh? What makes this thing so special?
      • Lord Gerald Goodblade: This ancient artifact can bestow visions..., visions beyond mortal comprehension! -- Ah, but I see the doubt in your face.
      • Lord Gerald Goodblade: I, the grand and famous Lord Gerald Goodbalde, am no fraud!
      • Lord Gerald Goodblade: You, my good <class>, shall have proof of my words. Simply look into the eyes of Goodblade's Artifact, and confront your destiny!
        • You: A vision could be interesting. Very well, I'll try it. (Bestow quest)
        • You: Stare into the Artifact's eyes? All right, this should be worth a laugh. (Bestow quest)
        • You: Do you think me a fool? I have better things to do with my time. (Walk away)
    • You: (Twilight Forge) That's no statue; it's the remains of a Warforged Titan
      • Lord Gerald Goodblade: You don't say?
      • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Well, I've never heard of one of these..., what did you call it? -- Warforged Giant, was it?
      • Lord Gerald Goodblade: No..., no one will pay to see this scrap heap with a name like that. -- I'll stick with Statue of Ultimate Truth, thank you very much.
        • You: Suit yourself. But what makes this thing so special? (see above)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make him say:

  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Simply stare into the eyes of Goodblade's Artifact, and you shall be granted a vision of darkness!

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Well, well, you saw, didn't you?
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Never say that the great Lord Gerald Goodblade is not a man of his word!
  • You: I saw, all right! -- The Dreaming Dark are on their way to destroy the Stormreaver's artifact...
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Dreaming Dark? Stormreaver?
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: I don't understand..., I never saw any such thing in my vision...
  • You: We have to stop the Dreaming Dark from invading Eberron! -- This Titan was in the vision. -- Tell me, where did you find it?
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: My, you're serious about this?
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: If you must know, I found it on safari at the Isle of Forgotten Dreams. Reathbane was my guide; he can take you there, and his boat is docked right here in the Inspired Quarter.

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Good to see you again, my good <man/miss>!
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: Would you like another look at the wonders of Goodblade's Artifact?
  • You: Who did you get this artifact from again?
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: My, you're serious about this?
  • Lord Gerald Goodblade: If you must know, I found it on safari at the Isle of Forgotten Dreams. Reathbane was my guide; he can take you there, and his boat is docked right here in the Inspired Quarter.
History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
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When DDO first started (back in '06), he was the first quest giver of several starter quests to get characters started with gold* and XP.

(* This was back before inflation and DDO went on the platinum standard!)

After finishing all 3 quests above, he handed an "Ornamental Sword" out to players. His role as an introduction to the quest system was taken by Korthos Village at Module 8, and he disappeared from the game at the same time. He returned at Update 2