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About me[edit]

I'm a hardcore PC gamer. I play mostly FPS and RPG games, so I find DDO pretty fun as it kind of combines the two in a way.
DDO related things about me:

  • Own a Founder account - Played since closed beta. My old Rogues name is on the Founder statue.
  • Leader of a hardcore raiding guild on Khyber: Crush it!
    • If you are on Khyber and interested in being in one of the top hardcore raiding guilds, feel free to contact me on the my user talk.
  • Have 5 capped characters, including two mains (Sorcerer and Barbarian) which are Legend builds with mostly maxed out equipment.

DDOwiki related things about me:

  • Contributed a large amount of edits to the wiki as I like to help players learn the game.
    • I edit nearly everything, but especially focus on raids, raid boss stats, two handed weapons and spell pages.
  • Hold an Administrator (Sysop) position.

The battle against nopic:[edit]

Rings: (Focus Orb/Rings)

Rings mostly done, accurate as of U13. Missing:




Continued here:


  • Belts done, accurate as of U13
  • Necklaces mostly done, accurate as of U13. Missing: Deaths Locket and Greensteel.
  • Gloves done as of U13. (Thx to Bladegde for images)
  • Trinkets: Mostly done. missing: Beignin's Breath - arrowhead??, Penny Whistle, Shard of Xoriat, Xachosian Eardweller

Other random things i made[edit]