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Warforged Titan

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Warforged Titan.png

Type: Construct (List)

Race: Warforged Titan (List)

Monster Manual classification: Warforged Titan

Alignment: True Neutral

Boss: Purple Named - Powerful Boss

CR:  ♠20Elite


  • Attack Bonus fairly low, suspected  ♠~40Elite
  • Titan Missile (force damage)
  • Knockdown - affects whole raid, hidden DC 35 Balance roll to stay standing. May launch characters north, east, west, or south, but not diagonally.

Special Qualities: 

  • AC 35
  • DR  ♠10Elite/Adamantine
  • Intimidate DC - Mindless, so unaffected by intimidate
  • HP 8,000 (Technically around 5x more - But for much of it he is invulnerable, and the damage is done by the laser)
  • Titan Shield - Immunity to all non-trap damage when between 88% and 12% hp.


Description: The raid boss of the Twilight Forge quest series, encountered in The Titan Awakes quest.

The Warforged Titan raises its shields at 88% health, becoming immune to direct damage. Instead, the party must drop the pillars in its containment chamber onto it and then shoot it with a laser while it is stunned. Doing so six times destroys its shield generators, and it can then be slain directly.