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Oversized Two Weapon Fighting

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Icon Feat Oversized Two Weapon Fighting.png
Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting


When wielding a one handed weapon in your off-hand, you take penalties for fighting with two weapons as if you were wielding a light weapon on your off-hand. Note that this does NOT allow you to treat one handed weapons as light for other purposes (e.g. a Tempest Ranger's ability to use Dexterity bonus for attack and damage with light weapons).

Does not function in animal forms.


This feat was previously recommended for dual wielders of non-light weapons but has been made largely obsolete by changes to the combat system which make a -10 penalty to hit miniscule for all but low level characters.

Feat Requirements Offhand Strike Chance (Cumulative) Other Benefits

15 Dexterity


  • Attack penalty reduced to -4/-4 from -6/-10
  • (Attack penalty reduced to -2/-2 if offhand is a Light Weapon)
  • Increases the Hit Point bonus of Heroic Durability.

6 BAB,
17 Dexterity


11 BAB,
17 Dexterity



  • Your offhand attacks now doublestrike at 65% of the rate of your main hand, versus the base 50%, up to a maximum of 65%.
  • Increases the Hit Point bonus of Heroic Durability.

12 Strength, Two Weapon Fighting


  • Attack penalty reduced to -2/-2

Two Weapon Fighting