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Starting a...


Class Summary[edit]

Alignment: Any Hit die: d8

Class Skills

Skill points at 1st level: (8 + Intelligence modifier) x4
Skill points at each additional level: 8 + Intelligence modifier
Skill balance.png Balance (Dexterity)
Skill bluff.png Bluff (Charisma)
Diplomacy icon.png Diplomacy (Charisma)
Skill hide.png Hide (Dexterity)
Skill jump (skill).png Jump (Strength)
Skill listen.png Listen (Wisdom)
Skill move silently.png Move Silently (Dexterity)
Skill swim.png Swim (Strength)
Skill tumble (skill).png Tumble (Dexterity)
Skill use magic device.png Use Magic Device (Charisma)
Skill disable device.png Disable Device (Intelligence)
Skill open lock.png Open Lock (Dexterity)
Skill search.png Search (Intelligence)
Skill spot.png Spot (Wisdom)
Skill repair (skill).png Repair (Intelligence)
Intimidate icon.png Intimidate (Charisma)
Skill haggle.png Haggle (Charisma)

Weapon and Armor Proficiencies[edit]

Feat simpleweaponproficiency.png Simple weapons
Feat martialweaponproficiency.png Martial weapons (Rapier, Shortbow, Shortsword)
Feat armorproficiency light.png Light armor

Past Lives[edit]


  • The Dark Blade
  • Master Mechanic
  • Thief Acrobat

Prestige Enhancements[edit]

Advancement table[edit]

LevelBase Attack BonusFortitude SaveReflex SaveWill SaveAuto-Granted Feats
1st+0/+0+0+2+0Sneak Attack +1d6, Trapfinding
3rd+2/+2/+7/+12+1+3+1Sneak Attack +2d6, Trap Sense +1
4th+3/+3/+8/+13+1+4+1Trapmaking, Uncanny Dodge
5th+3/+3/+8/+13+1+4+1Sneak Attack +3d6
6th+4/+4/+9/+14+2+5+2Trap Sense +2
7th+5/+5/+10/+15+2+5+2Sneak Attack +4d6
8th+6/+6/+11/+16+2+6+2Improved Uncanny Dodge
9th+6/+6/+11/+16+3+6+3Sneak Attack +5d6, Trap Sense +3
10th+7/+7/+12/+17+3+7+3Special Ability
11th+8/+8/+13/+18+3+7+3Sneak Attack +6d6
12th+9/+9/+14/+19+4+8+4Trap Sense +4
13th+9/+9/+14/+19+4+8+4Sneak Attack +7d6, Special Ability
15th+11/+11/+16/+21+5+9+5Sneak Attack +8d6, Trap Sense +5
16th+12/+12/+17/+22+5+10+5Special Ability
17th+12/+12/+17/+22+5+10+5Sneak Attack +9d6
18th+13/+13/+18/+23+6+11+6Trap Sense +6
19th+14/+14/+19/+24+6+11+6Sneak Attack +10d6, Special Ability

Class feats[edit]

Level 1[edit]

Level 2[edit]

  • Evasion (passive): This feat allows the character to avoid even magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If they make a successful reflex saving throw against an attack that normally deals half damage on a successful save, they will instead take no damage. A helpless character does not gain the benefit of evasion. Evasion can only be used if the character is wearing light or no armor and is not heavily encumbered.

Level 3[edit]

Level 4[edit]

  • Trapmaking (passive): You have learned enough about traps to be able to scavenge parts from them, and with the help of the Free Agents, can craft your own. Automatically granted to rogues at level 4.

Level 5[edit]

Level 6[edit]

Level 7[edit]

Level 8[edit]

Level 9[edit]

Level 10[edit]

Level 11[edit]

Level 12[edit]

Level 13[edit]

Level 15[edit]

Level 16[edit]

Level 17[edit]

Level 18[edit]

Level 19[edit]

Level 20[edit]

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