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Empower Spell

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Icon Feat Empower Spell.png
Empower Spell

  • Usage: Active, Toggled Metamagic
  • Prerequisite: The character must be able to cast spells.


Activating Empower Spell increases the Spell Power of each spell by 75, but makes the affected spell cost 15 more spell points. Saving throws and spells without random values are not affected.

Despite its in-game description, Empower Spell works perfectly with non-damaging spells such as most healing or repair spells. The feat works with Repair, Cure, and Mass Cure spells, such that each spell will repair/cure 75% more than normal, but not Heal or Heal, Mass, which heal a fixed amount of hit points.

Only these spells are affected by the Empower Spell metamagic feat: