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Necrotic Bolt

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Necrotic Bolt.png
Name: Necrotic Bolt
School: Necromancy
Spell Level:
SLA: Pale Master (Wiz), Divine Disciple (Clr) (Dark path)
Cost: 5 hit points
Metamagic: None
Target: Foe
Range: Unknown SLA range
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Fortitude, half
DC: Unknown SLA DC
Spell Resistance: Unknown SLA SR
Cooldown: 18/12/6 seconds


You launch a dart of black energy from your hand that deals 1 to 6 negative energy damage per caster level. A successful Fortitude save reduces the damage by half. Undead are healed by this effect. Players cannot be targeted with this effect.
This spell receives reduced benefit from Spell Power.