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Empower Healing Spell

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Icon Feat Empower Healing Spell.png
Empower Healing Spell


Empower Healing Spell: While this metamagic feat is active, you gain 75 Spell Power while casting spells affected by Empower Healing, but they consume 10 additional spell points.

Only these spells are affected by the Empower Healing Spell metamagic feat:

Spell School Art Brd Clr Drd Fvs Pal Rng Sor/Wiz Wlk
Close Wounds Conjuration 2 2
Curative Admixture: Cure Critical Wounds Conjuration 5
Curative Admixture: Cure Light Wounds Conjuration 1
Curative Admixture: Cure Moderate Wounds Conjuration 2
Curative Admixture: Cure Serious Wounds Conjuration 3
Cure Critical Wounds Conjuration 4 4 4
Cure Light Wounds Conjuration 1 1 2 1 1 2
Cure Light Wounds, Mass Conjuration 5 5 5
Cure Moderate Wounds Conjuration 2 2 3 2 3 3
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass Conjuration 6 6 6
Cure Serious Wounds Conjuration 3 3 3 4 4
Cure Serious Wounds, Mass Conjuration 7 7
Greater Vigor Conjuration 5
Greater Vigor, Mass Conjuration 7
Heal, Mass Conjuration 9 9
Lesser Vigor Conjuration 1
Lesser Vigor, Mass Conjuration 4
Panacea Conjuration 4 5 4
Regenerate Conjuration 7
Regenerate, Mass Conjuration 9
Vigor Conjuration 3
Vigor, Mass Conjuration 6


  • You may also now apply this individually to any spell or spell-like ability it applies to by rightclick the spell and enabling it through the dropdown menu.
  • Clerics get an Enhancement (Improved Empower Healing) to lower the cost of using this feat .
  • Great for having the ability to restore hitpoints faster then you otherwise could.
  • Works on Heal and Heal, Mass unlike Maximize Spell and Empower Spell.