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Ruins of Threnal

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Ruins of Threnal map Spoilers!
Ruins of Threnal adpack icon.jpg
450 DP Requires access to adventure packIcon tooltip.png: Ruins of Threnal
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House Deneith and House Kundarak have temporarily joined forces to explore and excavate the Abandoned Keep, a settlement deep in the heart of Xen’drik that has lain abandoned for hundreds of years. But the evil that destroyed the settlement 500 years ago still awaits those foolish enough to dig deep enough below the Abandoned Keep.

This level 8 adventure zone is accessed through House Phiarlan. Talk to Jalizco Hellios, in the northern part of that enclave, near the road leading north to the Necropolis.

Note the additional quests (see below) that do NOT appear in your Adventure Compendium.

Main Quests[edit]

The Western Excavation[edit]

Quest NameQuest LevelTotal FavorPatronCasualNormalHardElite
In Need of Supplies83House Phiarlan
The Rescue85House Phiarlan
Secure the Area104House Phiarlan
Total3 Quests12 
 ♣3,362Icon tooltip.pngSolo/Casual
 ♦5,922Icon tooltip.pngNormal
 ♥6,240Icon tooltip.pngHard
 ♠6,558Icon tooltip.pngElite

The Eastern Excavation[edit]

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The Abandoned Excavation[edit]

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The final quests, The Abandoned Excavation (aka "Southern"), requires the above two series to be completed in your quest journal. To continue, you must talk to Sal Danek again (quest giver of East series) and ask "Is there more to do here?" This opens Zaveera Halfspear's dialogue to bestowing the last three (southern) quests.

  • Bug: Do NOT accept to repeat the Eastern or Western quests if you want to advance to third part! Accepting the quests again will require that you repeat them before continuing.

To repeat, you must talk to Sal Danek (quest giver of East series) first and ask "Is there more to do here?" to reset all 3 quest chains. West and East can be repeated individually, but you cannot get advanced to South series that way.

Farming end rewards[edit]

After you've run the chain once, you can repeat this series by running only one of the Western or Eastern quest sub-chain plus the Southern one, and earn an end-reward. To repeat just the Eastern* and Abandoned Excavation (Southern) chains, access the Quest Journal (default L key) and select the area "Threnal" (listed alphabetically under "T"). Under Threnal, highlight the "Eastern Excavation" entry*, scroll to the bottom of the window and click the "Abandon" button. Talk to Sal Danek at the Eastern excavation site, ask to "Repeat the Eastern Excavation quest", and re-complete those three eastern quests. Once the three are complete, go back to Sal Danek and, being careful this time to not select the "repeat quests" option, select the "Is there more to do here?" option. He will then send you to Zaveera Halfspear to (re-)complete the southern excavation chain.

(* Dropping either the Eastern or Western also drops the Southern and allows the chain to be repeated for end-reward, but the Western is much longer, so most people prefer to drop and re-run the Eastern three quests.)

Note that after completing this story arc 3 times (and every 3rd time thereafter), all named items are offered.

Additional Quests[edit]

These are all short, walk-up quests that offer neither favor nor end-reward.

People of Interest[edit]

  • Delver's Canteen (in the northwest corner of the compound) is the local tavern, and the only place in Threnal that is considered a "public zone" (thus pausing things like Guild buffs and Experience Elixirs). It includes a...
    • Barkeep for selling/repairs
    • Spirit Binder
    • Farshifter "back to Stormreach". He sends you next to the Marketplace gate in the southeast corner of House Phiarlan.
      • If, instead of using him, you Recall, or run back to the entry point and exit there, you return to the person who sent you here, Jalizco Hellios, in north House Phiarlan.

Reward list[edit]

After the last quest is run, and after speaking to Zaveera Halfspear there one last time, go back and speak to Sal Danek, in the eastern excavation, for the chain reward.

Items have 100% chance of appearing on every third completion of the story arc. Weapons, armor and shields are ML 8, most other items are ML 9, Mantle of the Worldshaper is ML 5, Screaming Amethyst Arrows have no ML. All items are Bound to Account on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Account on Acquire: This item is Bound to Account on Acquire unless otherwise noted.