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Update 55 named items

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Pirate gear[edit]

Heroic: ML7 gear dropping in dungeons. 38 items. BtA. All belong to one set: The Dread Isle's Curse (5 pieces grant: (all Profane bonus) +5 to MP, RP, Spell Power, +10 PRR, +1 DC, +1 to all ability scores)

Legendary: ML31 gear dropping in dungeons. 5 main sets (armor, cloak, helmet - to match cosmetics) and 1 overall set.

Legendary versions of the gear include one Dinosaur Bone augment slot.

Category:Update 55 named items

Dino crafting[edit]

Main article: Dinosaur Bone crafting

A new legendary-only crafting system (ML31), similar to Slave Lords Crafting. Collect ingredients, craft them into dino augments, place dino augments into slots.

Raid loot[edit]

The raid will drop:

  • raid-tier versions of the weapon blanks (ML31, Orange and Purple slot)
  • the dinosaur bone armors/helmets/accessory blanks
  • Black Pearl ingredient


6 artifacts available: Belt, Boots, Bracers, Gloves, Necklace, Ring

  • Fully customizable: Scale/Fang/Claw/Horn slots, Legendary Isle's Curse set, Yellow, Blue, Green augment slots
  • ML31
  • 4 filigree slots
  • Drop from any chest in the Isle of Dread.


Named augments: minimum level 8 or 30, BtA. Unlike previous content, these can drop from any chest in the expansion (small chance).

Augment Heroic (ML8) Legendary (ML30)
Arrowbound Topaz Doubleshot 3% Doubleshot 8%
Brightbane Emerald Command +4Icon tooltip.pngCommand: Passive: +4 competence bonus on Charisma based skill checks. Command armor and command shields make their owners very noticeable, imposing a -6 penalty on Hide checks. Command +7Icon tooltip.pngCommand: Passive: +7 competence bonus on Charisma based skill checks. Command armor and command shields make their owners very noticeable, imposing a -6 penalty on Hide checks.
Coalescent Ruby Potency 41 Potency 100
Demonheart Emerald Demonic Shield 30 Improved Demonic Shield 120
Silvertongue Sapphire Linguistics 10% Linguistics 15%
Swordcrossed Topaz Doublestrike 6% Doublestrike 15%
Topaz of (spell school) Power - +6 Equipment bonus to (spell school) DCs
Undying Sapphire Unconscious range +65 Unconscious range +225
Wraithborn Emerald Ethereal Ghostly

Generic ML32 augments added to global treasure tables.

Randall Lyric in an Isle of Dread area will sell ML8 and ML32 augments for Isle of Dread ingredients.

Cannith Crafting[edit]

In Cannith Crafting, level 31 and 32 shards become available.

New unbound combined prefix shards, level 400: All require 800 essences, 15 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments, and 5 mystical ingredients.

Name Effect Mystical cost Slot
Armor Destroying Armor Piercing + Destruction 5 Mystical Band Weapon
Champion's Speed + Combat Mastery 5 Mystical Goblet Trinket
Initiate's Spell Penetration + Wizardry 5 Mystical Bottle Gloves
Sabotaging Seeker + Deception 5 Mystical Urn Goggles
Silver Flame's Turn Undead Level + Turn Undead Dice 5 Mystical Dried Fish Necklace
Warded Curse Resistance + Protection from Evil 5 Mystical Vessel Ring
Watchful Dodge + Heightened Awareness 5 Mystical Plant Belt

Visuals Attuned Bone[edit]

Attuned Bone Bastard Sword shown.jpg Attuned Bone Battle Axe shown.jpg Attuned Bone Club shown.jpg Attuned Bone Dagger shown.jpg Attuned Bone Dwarven Waraxe shown.jpg Attuned Bone Falchion shown.jpg Attuned Bone Great Crossbow shown.jpg Attuned Bone Greataxe shown.jpg Attuned Bone Greatclub shown.jpg Attuned Bone Greatsword shown.jpg Attuned Bone Hand Axe shown.jpg Attuned Bone Heavy Crossbow shown.jpg Attuned Bone Heavy Mace shown.jpg Attuned Bone Heavy Pick shown.jpg Attuned Bone Kama shown.jpg Attuned Bone Khopesh shown.jpg Attuned Bone Kukri shown.jpg Attuned Bone Light Crossbow shown.jpg Attuned Bone Light Hammer shown.jpg Attuned Bone Light Mace shown.jpg Attuned Bone Light Pick shown.jpg Attuned Bone Longbow shown.jpg Attuned Bone Longsword shown.jpg Attuned Bone Maul shown.jpg Attuned Bone Morningstar shown.jpg Attuned Bone Quarterstaff shown.jpg Attuned Bone Rapier shown.jpg Attuned Bone Repeating Heavy Crossbow shown.jpg Attuned Bone Repeating Light Crossbow shown.jpg Attuned Bone Scimitar shown.jpg Attuned Bone Shortbow shown.jpg Attuned Bone Sickle shown.jpg Attuned Bone Throwing Axe shown.jpg Attuned Bone Warhammer shown.jpg

Visuals sets[edit]

Firemouth's Diving Helmet shown.jpg Firemouth's Cloak shown.jpg Manaweave Armor shown.jpg Walking Ancestor's Helmet shown.jpg Walking Ancestor's Shroud shown.jpg Sacrarium Suncatcher shown.jpg Sacrarium Cloak shown.jpg Robe of the Locus shown.jpg Roughcut Armor shown.jpg Firemouth's Bulwark shown.jpg Defender's Cloak shown.jpg Defender's Masque shown.jpg Tanaroa Sneaking Suit shown.jpg Stalker's Outfit shown.jpg Dread Stalker's Skullcap shown.jpg Dread Stalker's Cloak shown.jpg

Visuals other[edit]

Bottle o' Rum shown.jpg Captain's Spyglass shown.jpg Commodore Alaina's Cutlass shown.jpg Fimbric, Lost Longsword shown.jpg Firesplitter shown.jpg Naildriver shown.jpg Ol' Reliable shown.jpg Powder-Packed Barrel shown.jpg Rope and Pulley shown.jpg Shipbreaker shown.jpg Spearfisher shown.jpg Twinchopper shown.jpg Wheel of the St. Marie shown.jpg Wreckage of the Beachcomber shown.jpg Wreckage of the Drowned Rat shown.jpg Wreckage of the Tabernack shown.jpg