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Attack bonus

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Your attack bonus with weapons is a combination of:

Base Attack Bonus + ability modifier + weapon's enhancement bonus + other modifiers

Most melee weapons use Strength for calculating attack bonus. With the Weapon Finesse feat, your attack bonus with a light melee weapon, a rapier, or unarmed uses Dexterity. Ranged or thrown weapons use dexterity for calculating attack bonus. With the Brutal Throw feat, your attack bonus with thrown weapons (but NOT ranged weapons) uses strength. Certain weapons use different abilities for calculating attack bonus (e.g., Epic Dynastic Falcata or Staff of Nat Gann). Read more here.

Player's chance to hit an enemy: (Player's Attack Bonus + 10.5) / (Target's Armor Class * 2) + 20% proficiency bonus, rounded to nearest 5%

Common bonuses to hit[edit]

Percentage bonuses to hit
Sneak attack bonuses
  • Bonuses to hit while sneak attacking stack with universal to-hit bonuses

Common penalties to hit[edit]

Monster to hit[edit]

  • A monster's attack bonus is typically equal to 2.5 times their challenge rating. Details here. This may or may not apply to orange, red, and purple named bosses.

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