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Healing Amplification

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Healing Amplification on your character sheet

Healing Amplification increases the hit points cured by healing spells and effects specifically on yourself. It stacks with various spellpower bonuses of the character who cast the healing spell on you. It comes from race, class, items, and miscellaneous sources. To calculate your heal amp rating, add all sources of heal amp together. Items granting the same bonus type don't stack, only the highest value applies.

  • To see your current Healing Amplification, open your character sheet and hover over your "Hit Points" score.

Update 24 introduced a new formula: Healing Amplification rating increases all healing by (100 + Rating) / 100. For Warforged and Bladeforged, the result is again multiplied by racial penalty, see below.

The most common form of Healing Amplification is the type that uses Positive energy. However, there are also various other types of Healing Amplification available, including those using Negative and Repair energy. Despite the differing energy types involved, they all work through the same principle.

Positive Healing Amplification[edit]

Racial multiplier[edit]

Most base races and transformed races start off with a Positive energy vulnerability (Healing) of 100% allowing all Divine healing spells to function normally on them. i.e. healing multiplier of 1.0.

Transforming from your original race to another will alter this multiplier.

Your most recent "racial transformation" is considered for this multiplier. So a Warforged that has entered into Lich Form would utilise the Racial type: Undead healing multiplier rather than their original Warforged healing multiplier of 0.5.

  • Living types (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling, Half-Elves, Drow, Elemental, Animal) have a 100% vulnerability to Positive energy.
  • An Undead type will be set to a Healing multiplier of 0.0, resulting in them being unable to be healed via spells and effects that deal Positive energy. (Changed to a healing multiplier of 0.5 as of update 42.4)
  • Warforged and Bladeforged type start off with a 50% Positive energy vulnerability (i.e. Healing multiplier of 0.5). This can be increased by Healer's Friend enhancements to 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8.
  • Bladeforged receive an additional -10%. The actual effect is second multiplier of 0.9. Thus, a Bladeforged without Healer's Friend enhancements has racial multiplier of 0.45 (0.5 * 0.9). With the enhancements, the multiplier is 0.54 / 0.63 / 0.72 (tests)
  • An Artificer can take the Construct Essence feat to become eligible for healing via repair spells; however, the character receives a -25% penalty to positive energy healing (racial multiplier 0.75)

Racial enhancements[edit]

Class enhancements[edit]

Class bonuses from different classes stack (add together).

Item bonus[edit]

The healing amplification on items comes in different types. Items of the same type do not stack. Items with various types of healing amplification stack. The bonuses stack by addition.

See also: Named item category listing

Exceptional bonus (former Healing amplification 10%)[edit]

Equipment bonus (former Healing amplification 20%)[edit]

Competence bonus (former Healing amplification 30%)[edit]

Enhancement bonus (Fleshmaker, Blood)[edit]

  • Crafted items: Blood (legacy Cannith Crafting, docents only)
  • Crafted items: LGS weapon (tier 1)

Insight bonus[edit]

Profane bonus[edit]

Note: The description of healing amplification on many items is outdated. Check combat log and heal amp rating on character sheet.

Guild bonus[edit]


Epic Destinies[edit]

Stacking with Spellpower[edit]

Your healing amplification affects only Positive energy heals cast on you, whereas your Positive spell power (Devotion) affects only heals that you cast, regardless of target.

Healing Amplification stacks multiplicatively with effects that increase the power of healing spells, such as metamagic feats (e.g. Empower Healing), class enhancements (e.g. Cleric Life Magic), item enchantments (e.g. Devotion), scroll mastery enhancement, etc. Incoming healing is simply multiplied by character's total healing amplification. This multiplication is applied only after rounding the amount after applying spellpower (always rounded down) and is then rounded again (always down too).

Example: Cure Light Wounds on CL 5+ with 20 spellpower and 10% healing amplification should in theory heal: 1.1*1.2*(1d6+7) = 10.56-17.16 rounded to 10-17 Instead it heals: 1.2*(1d6+7) = 9.6-15.6 rounded to 9-15 -> 1.1*(9-15) = 9.9-16.5 rounded to 9-16 Note: The range is discrete with only 6 objects in each set, so the average isn't the average of minimum and maximum.

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