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Effect: This property makes the wielder's melee and ranged attacks able to hit Incorporeal targets. Additionally, enemies suffer a 10% (15% for Enhanced Ghostly) miss chance against the wielder due to incorporeality. The wielder also gains +5 enhancement bonus to Hide and Move Silently skills (stacks with competence bonus).

Found on: (91) Ghostly items:


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  • Update 14 changed Ghostly to a 10% Incorporeal miss chance (stacking with Concealment, but no-longer stacking with other sources of incorporeal miss chance):
Originally Posted by (former developer) Feather_of_Sun Source on May 8, 2012

Despite the text saying 10%, it is currently 20% Concealment bonus, identical to the Blur spell.

That's a bug.

With the upcoming expansion pack, I've fixed this by changing Ghostly to a 10% Incorporeal bonus to miss chance. Incorporeal miss chance functions alongside Concealment. (For example: If you have both Blur and Ghostly, then an enemy attack would have to roll against Blur's 20%, then Ghostly's 10% individually before it can hit you.)

That change will go live with the release of the expansion pack.