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Attack speed

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Attack speed is displayed on the character sheet

Attack speed is the rate at which your character attacks. The base attack speed is generally the same for all races and classes, except:

  • Base attack bonus - classes with full BAB attack slightly faster
  • Enhancements may increase your attack speed

Doublestrike / Doubleshot also affects how many attacks per minute your character makes. Therefore, when testing your attack speed, you need to count the number of attack animations, not the number of attack rolls.

Attack speed and movement[edit]

Your attack speed changes if your character is moving (because your attack animation is often different while moving)


While standing still, depending on your fighting style, your attack animations have different duration (see attack sequence). It is possible to interrupt the attack animation by making a tiny step (twitching) or a special attack (for example, Cleave).

Originally Posted by J-mann Source

Basically, the delay between swings 1 and 2 is much shorter than the delay in swings 2 and 3 and 3 and 4. By moving after swings 1 and 2 ... you reset the chain back to swings one and two instead of doing swings three and four. This nets you a few extra swings per minute, at the small cost of some to hit (swings 3 and 4 have higher to hits if I remember right, also you incur a 4 to hit penalty for moving).

See also:

Penalties and delays[edit]

Your character in DDO can suffer from various effects that decrease your attack speed, for example:

Special attacks that use a unique animation and interrupt your normal attack routine are not affected by attack speed - most notably Cleave attacks work nicely.

Activating an Action Boost, wielding a different weapon, or casting a spell create a delay in your attack.

  • The Quick Draw feat should reduce the delays from all sources.
  • Using a special attack with unique animation immediately after the action boost - for example Cleave - can reduce the delay.

Autoattack vs holding the attack button vs clicking[edit]

Depending on your combat style, there might be an attack speed difference if you're using autoattack, if you're holding the attack button, or if you are actively clicking the attack button.

  • Repeating crossbows benefit from active clicking to speed up the reload animation. (tests from 2013)
(might be obsolete due to Update 25 crossbow changes.)
  • Long bow tests (2015)

Ranged weapons anomaly[edit]

(section might be obsolete due to Update 25 crossbow changes.)

Ranged weapons suffer from the issue where any speed bonuses (or penalties) only apply half their stated value due to the reload animation.

  • Bows are 33% firing and 67% reload for the full animation, so multiply the change in speed by 66% (a 10% bonus to ranged speed nets 6.6%).
  • Thrown Weapons are 67% firing and 33% reload for the full animation, so multiply the change in speed by 83% (a 10% bonus to ranged speed nets 8.3%).
  • Repeating crossbows have 3 animations: position to fire, fire, reload. Each animation has its own quirks.

The developers are aware that this issue is present. If you cast the spell Haste it grants a 15% bonus to melee attack speed (although, most melee forms actually go a little bit faster than this due to animation quirks) and a 22% bonus to ranged attack speed. (MrCow)

Increasing attack speed[edit]

Base attack bonus[edit]

Your base classes and epic levels affect your base attack bonus.

  • For melee weapons, attack speed increases at BAB 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 (MrCow)
  • For bows and thrown, attack speed increases with each point of BAB, and it grows much faster than for melee. (MrCow)

Certain spells and abilities make your base attack bonus equal to character level: see list.

Class features[edit]


Stacking attack speed for crossbows and thrown weapons:

  • Rogue Mechanical Reloader - +10% with repeating crossbows and thrown weapons; +30% with non-repeating crossbows (enhancement bonus)
  • Inquisitive Inquisitor's Path - +30% Alacrity with non-Repeating Crossbows

Tests: Great Crossbows / Mechanical Reloader + other sources of attack speed

Originally Posted by SteelStar (Contribs • Message• SteelStar) Source on July 2, 2019

In nearly all cases, if an effect or skill doesn't call out a specific Bonus Type, it is Unique and should stack with everything. The Inquisitive Alacrity is untyped and stacks with everything; weapon-specific alacrity increases do not currently appear on the character sheet, something I would like to fix someday when I can take a day of a core engineer's time.



Some items can increase your attack speed. For each bonus type, only the highest bonus applies. Different bonuses stack. In general, bonuses to attack speed stack by addition. For example, 15% bonus from Haste and 30% bonus from Haste Boost stacks for a total of +45%.

Enhancement bonus[edit]

Competence bonus[edit]

Epic Destinies[edit]

Action Boost[edit]

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