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Type: Prefix
Base price modifier: +1
Only found on: Bludgeoning weapons
Effect: Passive: The base critical threat range of this weapon increases by 1. This does not stack with Improved Critical feat.
Found on: A Garbage Can Lid? • An Inexplicably Legendary Garbage Can Lid? • Beacon of Day • Beacon of Night • Bladed Handwraps • Bonesplitter • Broken Oar • Broken Oar (level 12) • Broken Oar (level 16) • Broken Oar (level 4) • Broken Oar (level 8) • Buckler of the Demonic Soldier • Colossus, the Breaking Wall • Conqueror of Bone • Demolition Maul • Demonic Slab • Duality, The Moral Compass • Epic Broken Oar (level 20) • Epic Broken Oar (level 24) • Epic Broken Oar (level 28) • Epic Buckler of the Demonic Soldier • Epic Coronation Shield • Epic Demonic Slab • Epic Fury of the Flame • Epic Greatclub of the Scrag • Epic Scraps of Enlightenment • Epic Shield of the Demonic Soldier • Epic Ward of Undeath • Ferrocrystal Shield • Fury of the Flame • Giant's Fist • Giant's Fist (Level 17) • Giant's Fist (Level 18) • Giant's Fist (Level 19) • Giant's Fist (Level 26) • Giant's Fist (Level 27) • Giant's Fist (Level 28) • Hellstroke Heavy Mace • Jeweled Hammer • Lamplighter • Legendary Beacon of Day • Legendary Beacon of Night • Legendary Bladed Handwraps • Legendary Broken Oar (level 32) • Legendary Coronation Shield • Legendary Demolition Maul • Legendary Ferrocrystal Shield • Legendary Fury of the Flame • Legendary Greatclub of the Scrag • Legendary Moonbeam • Legendary Platinum Knuckles • Legendary Ward of Undeath • Legendary Wreckage of the Tabernack • Mizzen-Mast Splinter • Moonbeam • Platinum Knuckles • Rahl's Might • Scraps of Enlightenment • Shield of the Demonic Soldier • Shield of the Hunter • Stout Oak Walking Stick • Tenderizer • The Best Defense • The Bitterstar • The Everstorm, Maelstrom Courser • The Legendary Best Defense • The Mother Board (level 10) • The Mother Board (level 15) • The Mother Board (level 20) • The Mother Board (level 25) • The Mother Board (level 30) • The Mother Board (level 5) • Thunder and Lightning (Level 17) • Thunder and Lightning (Level 18) • Thunder and Lightning (Level 19) • Thunder and Lightning (Level 26) • Thunder and Lightning (Level 27) • Thunder and Lightning (Level 28) • Tremor, the Breaker of Bones • Ward of Undeath • Wreckage of the Tabernack
Notes: * Keen increases the critical range for piercing and slashing weapons.

  • * This enchantment used to have 5 tiers, I-V. For each tier above I the weapon also got +0.5[W]. This was removed in Update 50 as it made items with Impact III and above horrendously unbalanced.