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Update 11 named items

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Chest loot[edit]

Blown to Bits[edit]

Power Play[edit]

Schemes of the Enemy[edit]

Added in Update 11 Patch 1[edit]

The Tinker's Goggles, Magewright's Spectacles, Fabricator's Gauntlets, and Alchemist's Crown can now appear in rare chests in the Cannith Manufactury:

Raid loot[edit]

See Alchemical Crafting.

Rune Arms[edit]

As of Update 11, named Rune Arms have been added to almost all reward list across the game (Sharn Syndicate being the exception, which doesn't seem to award one) and to some other named loot/raid chest. Items are Bound to Account unless otherwise noted.

Max Charge Tier II:

Max Charge Tier III:

Max Charge Tier IV:

  • Arcing Sky - Electrical Blast, Dodge Bonus +3, Inherent Electricity Resistance - 5, Rune Arm Imbue: Electrical III, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML:13, BtA] - Gianthold Tor (Blue Dragon chest)
  • Chill of Winter - Freezing Ice Guard, Inherent Cold Resistance - 5, Rune Arm Imbue: Cold III, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML:13, BtA] - Gianthold Tor (White Dragon chest)
  • The Turmoil Within - Attack Bonus +2, Inherent Acid Resistance - 5, Rune Arm Imbue: Acid III, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML:13, BtA] - Gianthold Tor (Black Dragon chest)
  • Titan's Fist - Force Shot: Intelligence +6, Major Kinetic Lore, Rune Arm Imbue: Force III, Craftable Rune Arm (+4) [ML:11, BtC] - The Titan Awakes (Raid chest)

Max Charge Tier V:

  • Animus - Exploding Fire Shot: Banishing Weapons, Taint of Evil, Rune Arm Imbue: Fire IV, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML: 19] - Devil Assault on all difficulties
  • Glorious Obscenity - Acid Shot: Enhanced Spot +5, Seeker +6, Mind Turbulence, Taint of Chaos, Rune Arm Imbue: Acid IV, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML: 17] - Reign of Madness
  • Lucid Dreams - Force Shot: Nightmare Guard, Superior Potency VI, Arcane Lore, Mind Drain, Will Save -2, Rune Arm Imbue: Force IV, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML: 19, BtA] - The Mindsunder (Disc-locked end chest)
  • Tira's Splendor - Light Spirals: Healing Amplification - 20%, Deathblock, Tira's Splendor, Embodiment of Law, Rune Arm Imbue: Light IV, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML: 15, BtA] - Garamol (rare encounter in The Subterrane)
  • Toven's Hammer - Electrical Storm: Lightning Strike Weapons, Superior Potency VI, Exceptional Fortification (10%), Missing Parts, Rune Arm Imbue: Electrical IV, Craftable Rune Arm (+5) [ML: 19, BtC] - The Master Artificer (Raid chest)
See also: Rune Arm

Quest rewards[edit]

Jeets' handout on the Shipwreck Shore[edit]

The Grotto[edit]

The Collaborator[edit]

Epic item upgrades[edit]

Editor Note: Official epic item release notes were outdated and wrong for several items, updated them to reflect Genasi's latest notes from the final disccusion thread here Also all items stats are verified live.

Phiarlan Carnival[edit]

  • Epic treasure from the Phiarlan Carnival adventure pack has been upgraded:
    • Epic Antique Greataxe: Added Righteous, increased base damage to 3d10, fixed hardness and Adamantine property.
    • Epic Kron'zek's Cruelty: Added Lightning Strike and Improved Destruction.
    • Epic Phiarlan Spy Dagger: The weapon now includes Improved Paralyzing. Replaced Deception with Improved Deception, which procs twice as often.
    • Epic Noxious Fang: Added Disintegration.
    • Epic Garos' Malice: Added Greater Incineration (procs about twice as often as normal Incineration). Sneak attack bonus was replaced with a new effect called "Blinding Embers." This blinds an enemy on a vorpal hit, no save.
    • Epic Brimstone Verge:Replaced Fireball with Delayed Blast Fireball, added Epic Combustion VII (60% damage boost), increase CL to 20, decreased charges to 15, Increased ML to 20.
    • Epic Roderic's Wand: Now grants Augment Summoning while held.
    • Epic Brawn's Spirits: Added Incite 10% and Exceptional Con +2. The Intimidate bonus is now a +20 competence instead of the stacking 5 enhancement, and the Rage clicky caster level is now 15.
    • Epic Grim's Bracelet: Added Dodge +3. Strength bonus upped to +7.
    • Epic Mask of Comedy: Improved Healing Lore to Major, added Superior Devotion VII. Now has Greater Potency VII as well.
    • Epic Mask of Tragedy: Improved Void Lore to Major, added Superior Nullification VII. Now has Greater Potency VII as well.
    • Epic Phiarlan Mirror Cloak: Improved Spell Resistance to 30, added Spell Absorption (5 charges), added Greater Light Resistance. It will also keep Blurry (there was some debate about whether it would).
    • Epic Ring of Elemental Essence: Added Epic Combustion/Glaciation/Magnetism/Corrosion (60% damage boosts), added Inherent Resistance 5 to fire, cold and electric.
    • Epic Shimmering Pendant: Increased Charisma boost to +7, increased skill boosts to +20

Sentinels of Stormreach[edit]

  • Epic treasure from the Sentinels of Stormreach adventure pack has been upgraded:
    • Epic Elyd Edge: Now has Screaming, as well as "Cacophony:" a sonic damage effect equal in proc rate and power to Incineration. It will use the higher of Strength or Charisma for to-hit and damage. Will also have a new effect called "Inspiring Echoes:" a Bard wielder's Inspire Heroics, Inspire Competence and Song of Freedom become AoE while this weapon is held.
    • Epic Midnight Greetings: Enhancement bonus is now equal to Int modifier (min 6, max 10). Replaced Deception with Improved Deception. Added Improved Paralyzing. Now boosts your Assassinate DCs by 2. It will use the higher of Strength or Dexterity for to-hit and damage.
    • Epic Deneith Heavy Chain: Now has Superior False Life and Vertigo +15.
    • Epic Blademark's Docent: Now has Superior False Life and Vertigo +15.
    • Epic Chimera's Crown: Now grants stacking hit points depending on the number of Dragonmarks you have: 1 Dragonmark grants 10 HP, 2 grants 15, and 3 grants 20. 3 Dragonmarks will also grant Spell Resistance 30.
    • Epic Chimera's Fang: Base item is now +6, 2d10 base damage, Silver, Keen, Shocking Burst, Disintegration, Destruction, Shatter +10, Red Augment Slot. Dragonmarks add extra effects to the item:
      • 1 or more Dragonmarks: +7, Bastard sword proficiency.
      • 2 or more Dragonmarks: +8, Incite 10%, Greater Parrying.
      • 3 Dragonmarks (non-Sentinel): +8, Incite 15%, Superior Parrying.
      • 3 Dragonmarks (all Sentinel): +10, Incite 20%, Fortified Defenses 50%.
  • All epic wands also now have a maximize-like effect applied to them to boost their damage by 100%. Due to the implementation method, this doesn't stack with the enhancements that boost wand damage, but it still beats them out.