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Weapon dice multiplier

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With Update 14, upper tier weapons in game, that previously had irregular damage dices (such as old Green Steel weapons and old Alchemical weapons) are updated in order to standardize them among various weapon types. This mechanic, called Weapon Dice Multiplier or Base Damage Dice modifier, is applied to weapon dice roll. It is shown on the weapon description window in the format of #[W], where # is the multiplier and [W] is the base weapon damage.

  • For example, "1.5[1d8]" would mean 1d8 is weapon specific dice to roll for base damage, and 1.5 is what is considered as the multiplier (1.5-1=0.5 is what is considered modifier).
  • If the weapon's base damage is multiple dice, such as a Falchion's [2d4], a Great Sword's [2d6] or a Great Crossbow's [2d8], then any modifier multiplies all dice within the brackets. So a +1.0[W] modifier to [2d8] makes that 2.0[2d8], etc. (Note that this is not the same as "4d8" - 2d8 are rolled as base weapon damage, and that is then multiplied by the preceding value. See Developer quote, below)

Weapon dice multiplier is applied to weapon damage before enhancement bonus and before critical hit multiplier. Spell buffs such as Deadly Weapons, and feats such as Point Blank Shot may have an impact on this value.

List of weapon dice multiplier[edit]

Since Update 62, weapons up to minimum level 10 have 1.0[W]. Higher ML weapons gain 0.2[W] per level, up to 7.0[W] at ML40.

ML [W] ML [W] ML [W] ML [W]
1 1.0W 11 1.2W 21 3.2W 31 5.2W
2 1.0W 12 1.4W 22 3.4W 32 5.4W
3 1.0W 13 1.6W 23 3.6W 33 5.6W
4 1.0W 14 1.8W 24 3.8W 34 5.8W
5 1.0W 15 2.0W 25 4.0W 35 6.0W
6 1.0W 16 2.2W 26 4.2W 36 6.2W
7 1.0W 17 2.4W 27 4.4W 37 6.4W
8 1.0W 18 2.6W 28 4.6W 38 6.6W
9 1.0W 19 2.8W 29 4.8W 39 6.8W
10 1.0W 20 3.0W 30 5.0W 40 7.0W


  • Items that are level-split - aka have Normal/Hard/Elite versions, remain as-is.
  • Very old legacy items with sufficient creative nostalgia or effort required to obtain them remain as-is.
  • Specialty scripted quest items remain as-is.
  • Old event items that have been retired remain as-is.
  • Crafted items that gain minimum levels when they are upgraded (such as Alchemical) now have their dice set to the highest minimum level they could obtain.

Loaded dice[edit]

Starting from ML26-30, named weapons additionally gain increased W size. For example, a raid greatsword has 5.0[2d6+6] base damage.

Quest loot Raid loot
One-handed, Ranged [W+2] [W+3]
Two-handed [W+4] [W+6]

Effects that grant extra [W][edit]





  • Crazy Strike: +0.5/+1.0/+2.0[W] (after you score a hit with Cracking Attack)
  • Raging Blows: +1.0[W] (melee attacks while raging)




  • Sniper: +2.0[W] (non-repeating crossbows)


Harper Agent/Halfling


Epic Destinies[edit]


Item Effects[edit]

Guild Airship Amenities[edit]


  • The Damage Boost enhancements and the Action Boost Damage always show a +1.0[W] increase to your weapons in the inventory damage box only. Regardless of rank and % value, a +1.0[W] is always displayed.

Developer quote[edit]

Originally Posted by (former developer) Eladrin Source on November 15, 2011

String exceeds 1,000 character limit for automatic parsing of {{BB code}}, passing quote through:
Note: The following is still subject to change.

We are planning on updating epic weapons (and some others) to have a Base Damage Dice modifier, with the base weapon damage of a normal weapon of their type. Most epic weapons will have normal base weapon damage with a +1 bonus to the damage dice modifier.

Nonstandard dice like Thornlord's base damage dice of 1d8+2 will remain, so Epic Thornlord will become 2.0[1d8+2], 3.0[1d8+2] in Point Blank Shot range or with Deadly Weapons, and 4.0[1d8+2] with both. Epic Sting keeps d12's, becoming 2.0[1d12].

The Sword of Shadows is planned to be 2d6 damage with a +1.5[W] modifier, so will become 2.5[2d6] instead of 5d6. Deadly Weapons cast on it will make it 3.5[2d6] (roughly 7d6*) instead of 10d6.

This pass will also affect Nightforge weapons from the Black Anvil Mines, which we're kicking up to +0.5[W], Greensteel (standardized at +0.5[W] instead of varying between +23% to +64%), and Alchemical weapons (+0.75[W]). A couple of quest specific weapons will be boosted through the roof too - temporary items should be fun to use. (Tesyus (+2.0[W]), Oath of Droaam (+3.0[W]), the Gauntlet weapons (+2.0[W]).)

We don't want to make these changes until what's going on can be clearly communicated on weapon tooltips. Having the Epic Sword of Shadows drop to 2d6 damage on the tooltip without a full explanation would be explosive.

* It'll actually be 6d6+(2d6/2) at 3.5[2d6]